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lineup from Brous Blades Antworten

In the left corner, the Boker Genios is a gentleman's folder with a few tricks up its sleeve. Coming in at 1.6 ounces with a 3” VG-10 blade, it features an “S-grind” to help reduce friction as it passes through material. The spring for the back lock is cleverly hidden inside the titanium handle scales, eliminating the need for a bulky backspacer. This is a unique and impressive choice for anyone looking for a gentleman's folder. Cost: $134.96.
In the right corner, the Victorinox Alox Farmer X makes one of the best pocket multitools even better with the addition of scissors. Coming in at 3.8 ounces with a blade, sharpened awl, wood saw, can and bottle openers, screwdrivers, and now scissors, the Farmer X is equipped for everyday jobs and more. Cost: $59.99.
Based on the classic Nessmuk shape, the Camp MUK from LTWK is as useful as it is graceful. More than just a hunting knife, this pattern is a favorite in bushcraft circles - it works great for anything at camp and you can even use it at home in the kitchen too. With handcrafted construction, tough A2 tool steel, and a lifetime warranty, there are plenty of reasons to put this on your hip.
The best just got better. Long a favorite Swiss Army Knife for campers, hikers, and bushcrafters, the classic Farmer model has now been upgraded with scissors. This precise implement joins other outdoor essentials like the wood saw and sharpened awl that makes a great scraper, and the Alox handles provide texture and a sturdy foundation for a pocket knife that is built to last.
These may not be what you think of when you hear “Buck Knife,” but the Selkirk knives are modern classics in their own right. They feature robust, versatile blades and truly exemplary handles featuring Micarta with curves in all the right places. They feel great on the fixed blades, but the folders are even more impressive - rarely has a folding knife been this comfortable to put to work. To make it even more enticing we've put it on sale for a limited time.
From the campground to the backyard, no single tool offers as much utility as a machete. Gerber offers a variety of shapes to choose, from longer slashers, some with more chopping power or sawback spines, and smaller versatile designs like the Versafix series. With any of these you will be breaking trail in no time!
Like the aforementioned Selkirk, the Ultimate Hunter from Cold Steel is one of those very comfortable folders, thanks to the use of contoured G10. Don't let the name “hunter” dissuade you from this knife though, even if you don't hunt. The drop point blade is a time proven shape and the S35VN steel provides edge retention to last you through your adventure. Plus, the strength of the Tri-Ad lock makes this the next best thing to a fixed blade for standing up to abuse. All in all, a compelling package with a lot of performance for the price.
A little bit hatchet, a little bit knife, the Farson Blade is a truly versatile implement from Fremont Knives that packs easily. It'll do skinning, wood carving, and even food prep come dinnertime. It features a paracord wrapped handle that provides some emergency cordage which can be used to attach a stick, transforming the blade into a small chopper for breaking down branches and splitting wood for the fire. Truly a capable tool that deserves a look.
This is not the ferro rod you are used to. Rather than ferrocerium, ESEE makes this rod from Misch Metal which produces small gobs of molten particles that burn hotter and longer, igniting even stubborn tinder in no time. The handle offers a substantial grip and doubles as a watertight capsule that is perfect for storing more tinder or other small “survival kit” goodies.
Here's the short and sweet on this Schrade: this fixed blade is super heavy-duty, very well-made, and extremely affordable. The ballistic nylon sheath has a small pocket for storing small survival items, and the grippy Micarta handle makes this a knife that practically molds to your hand. No matter the weather or task, the performance is worth the money.
The first notable knife this week is so new we didn't even know it existed last week! Meet the ZT 0235, the third collaboration between Zero Tolerance and Danish knifemaker Jens Anso. Like the 0230 before it, it's a pleasantly surprising departure for the brand, who built their reputation on overbuilt tactical knives. The 0235 is decidedly lightweight, and in fact doesn't even lock! It's not technically a “slipjoint,” but uses a double ball detent system to safely hold the knife open and closed. There's a crisp half-stop, and once you get the hang of it you can even “flick” the blade closed in one fluid motion. Leave it to ZT to make a non-locking folder with a fidget-friendly action!
The 0235 has a 2.6” blade made from premium 20CV steel, and has a bit more belly and a finer point than the 0230 that came out late last year. One other notable change is the addition of a discreet deep carry pocket clip, which should make the 0235 an even more compelling everyday carry for anyone who wants a non-locking folder that doesn't sacrifice high performance modern features and materials.
The next item on this week's list is actually a double feature. Both of these knives were notable enough (and rare enough) to warrant inclusion. We just stocked the brand new Hinderer Tri-Way Eklipse, and the Tri-Way Non-Flipper 3” XM-18. Let's start with the Eklipse.
The Eklipse was always one of the best flippers in Hinderer's lineup, but the addition of the new Tri-Way pivot makes it better than ever: fast, sure, and satisfying. The 3.5” tanto blade is ground from 20CV, and is currently available with either Hinderer's rough-and-tumble “working finish” or a more reflective stonewash treatment. The handle might look a little restrictive with its two finger scallops, but it doesn't feel like it - we have come to expect unimpeachable ergonomics from Hinderer and the Eklipse is no exception.
The Fox Radius turned heads when it took home Knife of the Year at BLADE Show 2019, and these brand-new G10 variants are the most affordable yet! The heart of the Radius is its unique button lock / thumbstud mechanism, which allows you to fluidly open, unlock, and close the blade all with your thumb. It's quite intuitive, and one advantage I noticed immediately is the fact that you can operate the knife without ever having to put your finger in the path of the blade. It would also be an excellent choice for those who like to carry their knives loose in a pocket or bag - since the knife is locked closed until you press the button, there's virtually no way for it to deploy accidentally. Bravo to Fox Knives for their innovation!
The Condor Bush Slicer is the ultimate camp kitchen knife. Combining the balance of a cleaver, the belly of a chef's knife, and the strength of a survival knife into one versatile tool, the Bush Slicer does it all and more. It even lifts hot pots (and opens bottles) with the notch cut into the spine of the blade!
These are handmade in El Salvador by Condor Tool & Knife from reliable 1095 carbon steel, and come equipped with a comprehensive custom sheath system that holds the knife silently and securely and can be mounted anywhere for comfortable carry with the included leather drop loops.
Don't let the price tag of this affordable Spyderco fool you, the Tenacious is one of the best knives you can buy for the price - it is a design that just never quits! The broad blade can handle any job and the fit-and-finish is masterful. Normally clad in G10 handles, the new for 2020 bi-directional FRN models may be even better for the hard-working mission of this knife. They offer plenty of traction and feel just as solid as ever.
Although it is a tactical beast that can handle the heaviest of abuse, the T5 from LionSteel is far from an unrefined bruiser. The single-piece Micarta handle wraps around the full-tang blade so there are no hot-spots. The contouring is extremely comfortable and the broad finger guard will never pinch even under extreme pressure. With a 5-inch blade of Niolox steel it is just the right size for any application.
The Aileron is Benchmade's first collaboration with edged weapons and personal safety expert Steve Tarani. The strategically milled G10 handles offer a positive grip, no matter the conditions. With its two-handed rapid deployment and ambidextrous AXIS Lock, the Aileron is a great tactical utility folder sporting a blackened finish to minimize reflections and plenty of edge retention thanks to S30V steel.
Perhaps no hand-to-hand fighters in history are more feared than the kukri-wielding Gurkha. This CRKT KUK comes from the mind of Ryan Johnson (of RMJ Tactical fame), and it distills their fearsome blade shape into a hard-working thrasher that feels undeniable as soon as you pick it up. Take one swing and you will know the power that is ready to be unleashed! Plus, thanks to being a CRKT, you can rest assured that it is affordable as well.
Affordable karambits could learn a thing or two from the imported Enforcer lineup from Brous Blades. It features action just as good as any thanks to their proprietary Brous Bearing System and a sharply angled D2 blade that comes to a wicked point. It deploys fast from the pocket too, thanks to the jimping which acts as a “wave-like” quick-open mechanism, and the synthetic grips fill the hand without adding too much weight. For the money, we can't think of a better karambit to keep at your side.

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