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07.03.2023 02:11
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"This calls what rubbish."Teng always any eyebrows a wrinkly, let go of chopsticks Xun to scold a way, " green mountain, this isn't filial to have three, after having no big!Marry or not, isn't that your wanting doesn't think of matter, is that you have to do of matter!You don't wear to think for yourself and also want to think for me and your Niang writing.We but wait to have grandchild."
The green rain Wu mouth of one side steals to smile.
The Teng green mountain in the mind hair bitterness.
This ancient and modern thought is totally different, modern social people think greatly of very much to the kid, don't even say this ancient times, that is joss stick tradition, aller important than lives!If Teng any today always dare to say to don't want to marry during a lifetime, perhaps his old dad Teng any always likes this son again, will also fierily picked up iron gun to hit him.
"Any elder brother, the green mountain in a couple of days also just just became adult, you wore what hasty?"Flank of mother the Yuan orchid connected to pull Teng always any, " you not also 28 years old that year, just have a son?"
" Because of I late, green mountain he just wants breakfast."Teng always any some wraths are difficult even, " early gets married and early have a kid!"
Is 28 years old to have a son, pure at last late teach.
Be like that Teng always brother-in-law Xiang, compare Teng always any is only big 2 years old, but Teng always the son of Xiang'Teng green Hao'have been 27 years old this year, celebrate the New Year fiesta all 28.Comparing a Teng green mountain fully greatly is 12 years old.Even having kids is three.This Teng isn't any always how can hasty?
After all he by himself all late, certainly think that the son hurries.
"Dad, this marries not is say early early."Teng green mountain even defense way, " I also not is say and don't marry, just, not hasty marry."
The previous incarnation is a previous incarnation, the present life is a present life.
In Chuang in the Teng house these years are surrounded by the very thick natural affection, the Teng green mountain is no longer a previous incarnation is that cold cutthroat.He doesn't think as well because of the affair of previous incarnation, now then a life time life long don't marry.Even if consider for the sake of the father and mother, in the future have to also the ground marry a daughter-in-law.Just ……the Teng green mountain is finally impossible, literally seek a daughter-in-law, looking at beautiful and easy on the eyes marry.This, not that possible.
"Dad, this takes a wife, I must seek up a rightness worthy of a look of."The Teng green mountain smiles to make fun a way.
"H'm."Teng any this political ability is always tiny a little bit comfortable.
"Green mountain, you prepare to marry a few daughters-in-law in the future."Teng any always says again.
"Burst."Green rain being having a meal all sprayed grain of cooked rice to come out and stared her dad's one eye, dissatisfied way, " dad, you still have uncles they, mostly all not is marry a .How do you lift this?"
The Teng green mountain is in distress situation.
"Your this kid understands what."Teng any tiger always wears a face way, " you see your grandfather, that but have three daughters-in-law.You live in three uncles of west head, that is to have two daughters-in-law.This man is to have skill more, will marry several more daughters-in-law!You get to city in see, those big businessman, which isn't a lot of daughters-in-law."
The Teng green mountain Wu wears head.
Have a headache!
If have no previous incarnation memory, also become accustomed to, can Teng green mountain really and not too habit.
Those businessman, the Teng green mountain also knows.The positive wife, even wife still has a heap of a keep woman, the sons and daughters are all a lot of.And in the civilian, because many people all keep not to live by themselves and certainly also marry a daughter-in-law.Have a little skill of and marry 23 daughters-in-law are also normal.
"Any elder brother, you how no longer marry a ?"The maother Yuan orchid of flank sees toward the Teng always any.
Teng any always smiled:" Orchid, I had you to go."Say a to pull the hand of Yuan orchid, " however green mountain he is more severe than me, should marry several more.This man is severe, one sees much brave force, the second see the sons and daughters having how much!The sons and daughters are more many, in the future also good go to under the family possessions tradition."
"Dad!"The Teng green mountain hesitates and still keeps deciding to reveal this affair first.
"How, not happy?"Teng any always counter-questions a Teng green mountain.
"Be not, I have an affair to get to say."The Teng green mountain is formally some.
"Say."Teng any always also cautiously listens to.

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