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06.10.2019 03:10
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Got a question on rule clarification, comments on rule enforcements or some memorable NHL stories? Kerry wants to answer your emails at cmonref@tsn. Adidas Falcon ανδρικα .ca. Hey Ref The news says Ryan Getzlafs good fortune got the Anaheim Ducks their first win of the season. I say, the Ref blew the game. HOOKING, HOOKING. Getzlaf non-hooking call cost the Wings the game. Whats the correct call, Kerry? Hopefully the NHL will have a chat to this young ref. Thanks, Bill Ducks vs Wings, Saturday night game, with 23 seconds to go....Getzlav hooks Kronwalls hands as he has the puck in the corner. He goes down, Getzlav brings the puck out and scores the game winner. Are the wings cheated out of a sure point, maybe 2, or was that a fair non call at a critical time in the game? We can all agree, in todays NHL, that gets called in the first 2 periods 100 per cent of the time. Thanks for your analysis, Sam What would you have called on Getzlaff ? Hook or Knonwall just fell? Don Verrier Bill, Sam and Don: I reviewed Ryan Getzlafs game-winning goal at the request of Jamie Bibby, a follower of @kfraserthecall on twitter. Jamie admitted to being a Bias Red Wing fan but agreed with my analysis of the play. What, say you? I maintain, as did referee Tom Kowal, that while Ryan Getzlaf extended his stick with a one-handed reach and made contact with the lower hand of Niklas Kronwall, it was Kronwalls skate striking the dasher kick-plate that caused the Detroit defenceman to fall and turn the puck over. It was an excellent non-call by the referee! A referee must take into account the cause and effect of a play when determining whether an infraction of the rules has been committed. A stick slash, even one that appears to be somewhat forceful, often requires the evidence of a smoking gun determined through breakage, or when an opponents stick is knocked out of his hands prior to the referee applying his judgment to call a penalty. A stick placed in an opponents skates, hands or other location is not necessarily a penalty until a legitimate trip or violation actually occurs. There must be the presence of some negative consequence in determining almost all potential infractions. To the point, an illegal advantage must be gained as a direct result of some action committed by the offending player. One misnomers, propagated in large part by broadcasters, is that a stick placed in a parallel position, which makes contact with an opponents hands is generally ruled an automatic penalty by the refs. While there is a heightened awareness and focus by the referees to this potential foul, there must be some resulting consequence to the action before it becomes a penalty. As you looked at the beginning of this play you would note that Kronwall pinched at the Ducks blue line and attempted to contain Getzlaf from breaking through the neutral zone with a hook placed in the parallel position. Kronwalls stick did in fact contact Getzlafs lower hand and the Ducks captain was slightly turned but played through the restraint and continued to attack the puck. Kronwalls stick was in the parallel position, did make contact with Getzlafs hands, did cause some restraint but the resulting effect was not sufficient to warrant a penalty in the correct judgment of referees Kelly Sutherland and Kowal. The one-hand, weak extended reach by Getzlaf likewise did not turn the Detroit player or cause him to lose the puck or his footing. Kronwalls fall to the ice was directly a result of his own body position which caused his skate to hit the kick-plate almost simultaneously with the reach by Getzlaf. To penalize Getzlaf on this play would have been an overreaction. Referee Tom Kowal deserves kudos for gaining the proper sightline and applying the correct judgment on this difficult play. Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian brethren and Columbus Day wishes to my fellow U.S. citizens. Oh, the joys of dual citizenship. παπουτσια NMD . -- The NFL Players Association wants to determine if the Tampa Bay Buccaneers leaked information about quarterback Josh Freeman being in the NFLs substance abuse program. Adidas Falcon ελλαδα . -- Washington Redskins linebacker Brian Orakpo is going to the Pro Bowl as a replacement for San Francisco 49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks. . The Opening Day starter played 53 games this season hitting .192 with nine home runs and 25 RBI. Red Sox manager John Farrell has decided to start Jose Iglesias at third base as of late instead of Middlebrooks.RENTON, Wash. - Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Percy Harvin has cleared league-mandated concussion protocol and has returned to practice as a full participant. Harvin was on the field for Seattles practice on Wednesday, his first since suffering a concussion in the second quarter of the NFC divisional playoff game against New Orleans on Jan. 11. Harvin was not cleared last week and was unable to play in the NFCC championship game against San Francisco. Adidas NMD R2 προσφορες. Harvins had an injury filled season, playing in just two of 18 games. He had hip surgery in early August and made his debut in Week 11 against Minnesota. Harvin suffered complications after that one game and was unable to make it back until the post-season. He had three receptions and one carry for 9 yards before being injured against the Saints. ' ' '

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