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the Yang state is the prosperous Antworten

Li Jin Fu of the height eight Chinese feet, like evil absolute being, stare at Teng always any, chuckle a way:"Unfortunately, you stay in this Chuang, during a lifetime also so."Finish saying and then turn round, pick up that to make cold wolf tooth of public good, the anti- is on the shoulder, greatly the step ground dynasty outside walks.
Li Jia Zhuang's person immediately separates a road to make him walk.
"The third, Li Jin Fu wins.Three be overs, Li Jia Zhuang from Chuang in Teng house is each to acquire a victory, and a draw.According to the rules, since today, water of the ditch, Chuang in the Teng house and Li Jia Zhuang are each to use six hours every day."That silver hair old declares to conclude a fruit.
A clan half, Chuang in the Teng house and Li Jia Zhuang were also all calm to accept.
"Li Huo Jun, your that grandson, seems, leave your Li Jia Zhuang?"Teng cloud dragon says.
"Ha ha ……" Li Huo Jun only and perhaps the surrounding person can't hear, clear voice way, "my, gold blessing, he 13-year-old that year, a person alone get into greatly postpone mountain, expend five year bitternesses fix, with wild beast is five, cut and polish a set of'fierce tiger boxing', he also just just ended a bitterness fix, he has already decided and took part in examine, join'return a dollar religion'."
Immediately the one clamors.
"Return a dollar religion?"The Teng green mountain hears these three words, 1 arouses to work properly.
"Religious sect?"Teng green mountain has never heard, there is such a religious sect on Chinese history.
"See to your baby's grandson, hereafter unlimited future."Teng cloud dragon ha ha say with smile.
Contending for is aqueous of have a competition be over, the persons of Chuang in the Teng house and Li Jia Zhuang all spread, just everyone discusses in succession, discuss this war, object certainly discuss, mostly is Li Jin Fu.
It is returning journey.
"Dad, what is returning a dollar religion ?"The Teng green mountain puzzles to inquire a way.
"Is a very, very strong religious sect, I the target in the future, be get into to return a dollar religion."The Teng in one side green tiger, firmly say.
Father Teng any always smiles a way:"The green tiger has ambition!Green mountain, this return a dollar religion, is a religious sect, and this religious sect, will teach the pupil self-discipline the strength inside, this inside strength different from the physique strength, the power is biggest.Those religious sects come out of superior, sometimes thin skin delicate meat of, but somebody else's slap, can clap a ground megalith."
The Teng green mountain inwardly nods.
Inside strength of mysterious, he certainly understands.
"How doesn't the dad return a dollar religion?"The Teng green mountain immediately after asks a way, " and, have no other religious sects, must enter to return a dollar religion?"
Teng green mountain the cleverness is lovely, although is very just 4 years old, but talk sign is logical.
Teng always any also for have a happy son like this.
Teng any regrets is always a , say in detail:"Green mountain, the whole world totally nine states, the Yang state is the prosperous, the Yang state is inshore, first religious sect be'green lake island', second religious sect be'return a dollar religion', certainly'iron dress door'and'return a dollar religion'be juxtaposed the second, the real strenght differs only a few!"
The Teng green mountain nods:"That why, don't join'green lake island', isn't the green lake island a first religious sect?"
"The Yang state contains 13 county cities, the Yang state is 13 county cities, have the nine greatest counties the city among them, completely drive'green lake island'this religious sect control, over there inside the city, the nine greatest counties' green lake island is the only religious sect, nine greatest county city and govern next authorities person's horse of up to 100 city defenses, all is the green lake island appoints, accurate say, the authorities person's horse is the outer circle member of green lake island."
The head hair that the Teng green mountain listens to receives.

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