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  • What matter does this callDatum20.03.2023 03:10
    Thema von gdshutter im Forum Bewerbt euch für die G...

    The Teng green mountain at a stretch speaks and pour is make Deng Geng rendered speechless.
    Deng Geng tells a lie and presses Teng green mountain a head of on the truth.
    Who think, the Teng green mountain Sa rises a lie, more more malicious than him.
    "You ……eagle door in the sky?The group of Wei's list?How haven't I listenned to?"Deng Geng says.
    "The affair that you don't know is many!"The Teng green mountain cold voice hums a way, " I eagle door in the sky receive a Zu teacher life, concealed life time existence.The world knows mine, also very few.But this time, if isn't that you besmirch ancestors' remains, I probably can't also make moves.Like, I still need to bury an ancestors, you soon and soon leave, otherwise ……"
    Deng Geng annoys urgently.
    What matter does this call?
    His Deng Geng also language of expression is sharp, how 32, he is anti- to arrive have no truth one square.
    But ……that a row of characters vestige in black iron treasure diagram'must the one who hide treasure diagram, hard rush to then is certain to die, good treasure, need to take one Ding in nine dings, this, must bear in mind!', That sentence his Deng Geng remembers it's clear.Nine dings look for of difficulty, perhaps more even higher than treasure diagram a raise!
    Ever since the Yu emperor leaves a life time, the world disintegrates of several thousand in the last yearses, have already known only to only have poem sword fairy'Lee is too white'once got.
    If can not get this small Ding this time, can that when get?
    "I don't care what person you are!"Deng Geng facial expression dark, drink a way, " I receive to advise you and hand over to me the black small Ding.Otherwise ……this silver Cape mountain is your burial ground!You eagle door in the sky, will also face to drown of disaster!"
    "How, come hardly?"Teng green mountain once the eyebrow lift and smiled.
    Actually the Teng green mountain heart bottom but predict an a lot of things:"This G discovered this remains in the beginning, didn't care this'small Ding', but, looked for treasure figure in the lake bottom a hour after, now unexpectedly even the enemy of those four day after tomorrow superiors didn't report as well, want to get this small Ding!See him now, appearance grow crazy quickly, this small Ding is obvious to his importance!"
    In the beginning, don't value small Ding.
    Look for treasure figure a hour, but value so small Ding.
    The Teng green mountain predicts very easily 1:00-Deng Geng should find out treasure diagram, and discover, this'small Ding'should be as germane as treasure diagram!
    "Only so, can explain, a short short hour, his attitude to the small Ding, change so many."The Teng green mountain judges these, but remain a doubt-the previous incarnation once got a black small Ding by himself/herself, the this present life got once again.This small Ding, and iron dress door look for of'treasure diagram'exactly have what near concern?
    At by this time-
    "You seek dead!"Spirit hasty of Deng Geng in a twinkling change into a remnants shadow, a silver white sword only stab to the Teng green mountain.
    "Come of well!"
    The Teng green mountain cachinnation is 1, face sword to only hurtle.
    "Qiang!"Teng green mountain left hand one space block and then want to fight with personal Deng Geng, can left hand one space block, Teng green mountain then facial expression is on changing, " isn't right!"This a sword of G is unexpectedly very light, contain of the strength is very weak, this makes the left hand of Teng green mountain Xu power, good the one punch hit in the vacancy sort.
    Deng Geng's vividly an a step backwards, this retrogresses just simple of dynasty body side inclined a back.
    "Burst!"Silver scale the sword is inclined to split, take a relentless of spirit blade.
    Immediately Teng green mountain 1 falls on the ground, left palm fiercely one shot ground, the mountain stone ground bombs however explodes to open and produces a rebound strength of mightiness.Teng green mountain good one hair shell thwart shot into Deng Geng, at the same time once the belly twist, the whole body strength streams into a right leg, right leg ruthlessly Chuai past.
    "Qiang!"Deng Geng well early anticipate the Teng green mountain have this to recruit and early and early avoid to step aside, the silver scale sword on the contrary splits neck toward the Teng green mountain.

  • Chapter 24 forgets me of territoryDatum20.03.2023 03:05
    Thema von gdshutter im Forum Bewerbt euch für die G...

    And Deng Geng skill sword method, also Hai person.He each sword is a curve, have of the radian is a little bit big, have of the radian is a little bit small, contain of inborn true dollar also that time but strong but weak, but collapsing of Teng green mountain the boxing completely impede in the outside.
    "This G, this sword method defense ability, afraid as many as mine'mix a dollar a spirit'marksmanship.Each time a curve all good a shield, and this shield is endless endless."The Teng green mountain felt the other party severe, " my body strength, and inborn the true first wife match, unexpectedly can not have last breeze!"
    He is shocked, Deng Geng isn't the did it ever shocked?
    "This knife Ba male, which come out of superior?Only with lend a pair of fists, unexpectedly inhibit of I can defendoof, can not attackstone.In the "Deng Geng is also worried, " inborn solid Dan superior, I didn't hear so No.1 person."
    A thunder bolt!
    "Is not good!"Deng Geng sees that in a twinkling break empty, good flood the whole fist of space, not from get a shock, this break air attack of the fist contain an unusual strength and all around appear twisted a jet of gas strength.Deng Geng Zhi can fly to back, at the same time one horizontal silver scale sword.
    The Deng Geng Zheng individual connects to back a several, the one steps all make each time mountain stone tremor, appear a big pit, a piece of piece of the big rock collapse to fly everywhere.
    "Stop!"Deng Geng connects to shout a way.
    The Teng green mountain looking at Deng Geng:"I use'eagle claw in the sky'display of'tiger cannon boxing', although the speed is slightly slow, can that explosion dint, the slightest as many as'poison Long Zuan '.This G can hold up."
    Deng Geng at the moment feels a pair of arms physique a burst of ache unclearly:"This knife Ba male, kill he, estimate that I must also pay not small price."
    "This brothers, good artistic skill!Unexpectedly world, inborn solid Dan layer, also like this excels a boxing method."Deng Geng says.
    "Your sword method isn't bad either."Teng green swollen mountain stream track.
    On the summit of hill, the two greatest superiors all have some to be afraid of the other party.
    Peep out one silk smiling face on Deng Geng Lian, say:"I these small generation in iron dress door violate openly brothers you, you kill them, this matter, also even if.However ……brothers you, also please will I iron tradition product in the dress door, that black small Ding, return my iron dress door!"

    Chapter 24 forgets me of territory
    "Is the black small Ding your thing of iron tradition in the dress door?"The Teng green mountain peeps out the color of surprised Cha.
    Deng Geng originally prepares an one breath to kill a Teng green mountain and wins black small Ding, however after being brief and exchanging blows, he also discovers opponent being difficult to tie up, the nature changes strategy.His smile nods a way:"To, this is exactly my iron tradition product in the dress door.Was seized by Wei's list in those early years, arrived to just find out at present, also ask you to exchange this black small Ding at my iron dress door, the previous affair was all cancelled!"
    "Write off, write off fart!"
    The Teng green mountain stupidly drinks a way, the knife Ba on the face makes him seem to be more to add ferocious, "Deng Geng!You this is bold-faced to mix Zhang, know me am who?"
    Once Deng Geng's facial expression sink, the in the moment stupid knife Ba male scolds him'the thick Yan is shameless', it make him have some vexation.
    "The Wei list elder generation is me this of ancestors!"The Teng green mountain rises head, loudly drink a way, " world excels a boxing method, can also attain combining of inborn state few.Just, you once tasted my fist as well ……should guess to get my identity, I am spreading from is one vein at the Wei list elder generation.The list ancestors of Wei lived as recluse silver Cape mountain in those early years and just disappeared to have no Zong afterwards, I'eagle door in the sky'this lord, all occasionally came to this silver Cape mountain, at last did obeisance a fiesta for a while ancestors."
    Deng Geng is stunned speechless.
    The boxing method of Wei's list?More than 600 years, and paper is also invent for 23 a hundred years, was all bamboo strips, and sheepskin...etc. to jot down in the past, had been very thin little to jotting down of Wei's list, only in brief described this Wei list boxing method violent in action, relentless.And, Wei's list didn't also spread a person!
    Can the boxing method of Teng green mountain, Deng Geng is same incognizant.
    Say on the book that Wei's list dided not spread a person and then didn't spread a person?Secretly accept a pupil, outsider not know, also not strange!

  • Thema von gdshutter im Forum Bewerbt euch für die G...

    Face upward to see a top surface, once Deng Geng's facial expression change and suddenly stop bottom.
    "Is not right!"Deng Geng Huan attends to surroundings, " I expended about a hour in the lake bottom, how didn't see farmland elder them?"Lake bottom also so big, 3 people seek in the lake bottom, pressing the truth will usually run into a cake of.But, Deng Geng remembers, well long-term in the lake bottom, have never run into farmland elder they.
    Deng Geng faces upward and looking at the lake noodles of the Lin of that lights Lin.
    His facial expression is cold to come down:"See, the circumstance has already changed."Deng Geng immediately pulled out one handle silvery lance, this handle sword is named'silver scale sword', is also one handle rare absolute being soldier.
    The Teng green mountain is in the lake coast, waited more than a hours, this color of the sky is also black to come down, hangs for a curved month in the horizon.
    The mountain breeze of "shout~~~" summit of hill is violent.
    "Ga, Ga-" some not well-known bird of preys are from Gao Kong Fei over, send out unpleasant to hear interjection.The Teng green mountain squats down in the near the bank of lake, the hands take eagle claw gloves in sky, the left and right hands respectively grasps a handle to fly knife, even if etc. a hour, he remains have no the slightest anxious, again wait a few hours, also isn't difficult.
    The mountain breeze roars and shouts, the bird of prey Si calls.
    Fiercely the "bomb Long Long~~~" abrupt however originally quiet lake noodles explosion gets up, more than ten Zhang breadth of the lake noodles Be whole to all explode to open, water flower blunt sky but rise, the foot is few Zhangs high.
    The so many water flower hurtles a sky, can not recognize at all, where hide someone.
    "Is not good, this G discovers that someone is incubating."Teng green mountain eyebrows a wrinkly, waited a hour, have been already waited in vain!
    Suddenly, that blunt sky of wave lace good luck, a shadow fiercely one Shan flee to arrive coast, on the coast at 1:00, dynasty the Teng green mountain hurtle.
    "Hum!"The Teng green mountain right hand flies knife to brush ground to throw to go out!
    Left and right hands two handles fly knife, one front an after, once rowed vast sky just like two lightning flashes, while being one Zhang distance apart from that shadow of human figure, the first handle flies knife abrupt however once rowed an arc.
    Appear a chain of silvery sword shadows, good waterfalls similar book lead a Teng green mountain of fly knife, listens to'Qiang''Qiang'two continuous, two handles of Teng green mountain flying knife is shaken ground end.But this flies to flee a comer shadow, front blunt of body not from Ga however, even in connect back 2.
    Deng Geng looking at at present knife Ba man:"This knife Ba male, fly a strength of knife unexpectedly so strong, shake my hands all have some to become numb."
    Deng Geng once sweeps vision that bone Hai chest, eye pupil a shrink:"The small Ding had no!"
    "Killing my iron pupil in the dress door is died!"Deng Geng roars 1 and rushes at a Teng green mountain.
    "Are you qualified to kill me?"The Teng green mountain sends out thick crazy voice, foot fiercely one Deng, the fierce tiger of the following mountain, also rush at Deng Geng.
    2 people are originally apart from however count Zhang far, this is blunt, immediately and then fight.
    The silver scale sword is just one Shan and then stab a Teng green mountain at present.The Teng green mountain foot step is vivid, once the right hand flick, once the body turn, listens to the Qiang ground is a , the right hand and that silver scale sword bumps shot together, 'eagle claw in the sky'not the Kui is that the inborn gold Dan is strong the weapon of, the slightest not hurt.
    BE bumping shot for an instant, the Teng green mountain is a progress to collapse a boxing!
    If the fist opens the arrows of bow, the fist is ex- to follow air be compressed, appear to can see without the aid of instruments of arc-shaped air pressure, the airs all send out a tremor voice, air density occurrence variety, make a Teng green mountain this one punches all become misty.Deng Geng sees a form in the mind a tight, immediately retrogress, the silver scale sword once rowed a curve at the same time.
    "Peng!"A burst of explosion forms a substantial high pressure air explosion to open.
    Immediately the one flies a sand to walk stone.

  • Morning exercise on the second dayDatum13.03.2023 02:06
    Thema von gdshutter im Forum Bewerbt euch für die G...

    "Wait a next time, I return to proper city again, will certainly drink with your fully enjoy of castellan up some kind of."The Teng green mountain says with smile.
    "Green mountain old younger brother."A voice after death rings out from Yang Ke."H'm, this voice is ……" Teng green mountain is some to astonishedly after death see go toward Yang Ke, sees come out in Yang Ke after death a group of personses noodles up have knife Ba of middle age man.
    "Elder brother Liu San Lao."Show a smiling face on the Teng green mountain face.
    "Ha ha, the green mountain old younger brother is at the beginning going to join this black A soldier, I know, green mountain old younger brother your unlimited future.Can I also have never thought, this just half year don't arrive, the green mountain old younger brother was already all all."Immediately the Liu San Ye Pie arrives black A soldier non-commissioned officer of surrounding a great deal of wine shop.
    The Teng green mountain smiles an arch hand way:"Castellan, elder brother Liu San Lao is tight today time, wait a next time, I settle to invite well two, that I walked first!"
    Follow with eyes at Yang Ke, No. 3 quality Liu a group of personses immediately under, Teng green mountain they all ascended war horse.
    "Light rain, grasp steady."Teng green mountain soft-voiced way, immediately and loudly drink a way, " sets out!"
    Right away, 500 black A soldiers lead in the Teng green mountain vastly and mightily under left proper city, a city, right away the plan horse dashes away, the black A soldier roars and shouts to rush through into a river rather county with the quickest speed!
    When color fainted to get dark on that day, Teng green mountain they just rounded a river rather the eastern city gate of county city, that black A soldier army camp place, lean against the east city gate.Teng green mountain they on going into the city, very quick get into army camp.500 non-commissioned officers also all dismiss, each return to each abode.
    Morning exercise on the second day.
    The Teng green mountain just appeared a field at the school up, many familiar 100 mens grew good friend, and some all all, all came to offer congratulation.
    "Green mountain brothers congratulateses!"
    "Green mountain, you are to govern all most youngly, once waited now 10-year half year, hope to get to abdicate generally, we the first get to get generally of position, you have a hope."
    "Became all generally, green mountain brothers don't you pay?"
    "To, must be good to eat well."
    The person, who offers congratulation, has a lot, or sincerely, or hint at irony.A person once occupying Gao Wei, someone worships admiration, will someone envy dark hate, it is a mediocre man to be not hated by person Ji, this words aren't false.The Teng green mountain certainly can't care, never so ……
    The Teng green mountain is today a the most tremendous person of the morning exercise, everyone knows that the Teng green mountain became it's all all.
    "Is each, tonight, I put Yan in the Lan month building, when the time comes, everyone can get to accept."The Teng green mountain clear voice way immediately and around responds to an one.Teng green mountain in the black A soldier the popularity is quite good, by this time, everyone is happy pay tribute, with this unlimited future of all draw near a relation generally.
    "The Tengs are all all!"A black A soldier non-commissioned officer runs to come over, polite way, " generally gets adult have been already made, let all adult generally you accept all all product, residence.All all adult, you need and belong to next walk be."
    "Before lead the way."The Teng green mountain holds a transmigration of soul gun and followed this black A soldier non-commissioned officer to leave field in the school.
    Arrive at a black A soldier to approach half year, the Teng green mountain still doesn't know to all govern to live where.
    "All all adult!This residence is your later abode!Having already swept is clean!And belong to your red blood horse and cold iron heavy A, also in the courtyard.All all adult still invite step snow horse and red iron of your green Zong heavy A ready to, estimate after a while, someone will take back."
    The Teng green mountain nods.
    "All all adult, these are this residence front door and each set of rooms key."That black A soldier non-commissioned officer passes a key.
    The Teng green mountain answers and then opened front door and cautiously strolled.
    This residence be at river rather county city, should also calculate up quite good house, have an ex- court, medium court, empress three courtyards in the court, the front of the residence has three houses, and then noodles then the small building of 2 F, up and down add to also have six, the whole house only the room has 9!

  • Thema von gdshutter im Forum Bewerbt euch für die G...

    Teng always any and the Yuan orchid mutually see one eye and have some to move.
    And the son is together foolish, this is really a good matter.
    ", I want to go, I want to go!"The green rain excitement is sprung up.
    "Dad, Niang, and you?"The Teng green mountain sees toward the parents.
    The Yuan orchid sees toward the Teng always any, as a woman, listen to a man.Teng any always thinks to pay for a while and shakes head a way:"Do not go, green mountain, you should know, your grandfather is getting older, this clan long, also want to make me inherit.In fact this is still the small matter the most important of ……I want to teach the clan my wife the younger brother to create weapon!This handed down from the ancestors technical skill, clan inside your grandfather with I meeting, you grandfather's age so old, teach?So ……"
    The Yuan orchid also nods.
    Teng always any:"Go to county city, I and your Niang is to live a good life, can I must for clan consider!So, you take a light rain pass by.Her a female kid goes to the earth square and also opens well.I and your Niang, there are so many clansmens in this Chuang accompanying, also Be free, hereafter you sometimes, come back again to see our old two people going."
    Father's idea has been already settled, Teng green mountain also can promise.
    "Is all right, light rain she returns a dollar religion with me!What time you want to go, can also live for 12 months.Anyway, the county city is apart from us this, also 300 many inside.The dad gives a person to say a , I come to connect you in person!"The Teng green mountain says.

    Chapter 37 who is she ?
    The Teng green mountain was foolish in the home a hour, take a younger sister later on'green rain', the 2 people carpool is in the green Zong step snow right away, with Teng the green tiger is a, is leaving Chuang in the Teng house under following with eyes of numerous clansmenses, rush through into proper city.
    Arrive to proper city from Chuang in the Teng house, even is half of two-hour period all don't need.
    "Lyu Lyu~~~"
    Teng green mountain and Teng green tiger 2 people reduce slow speed, the front is already a proper city city gate.
    "Step aside quickly, step aside quickly."Once those city Weis see Teng green mountain and Teng an attiring of green tiger and fight shape horse and connect surroundings of the person drink to scold a part to go, immediately respectfullly polite respectfully let Teng green mountain they two ride into proper city.
    "Elder brother!"Green rain stares your book eyes and turns head to see that city Wei, " the black A soldier is still really severe, none of very valuable Weis dares to accept money."
    "Accept money?"Flank of Teng the green tiger say with smile, " green rain is a proper city castellan, also not qualified accept money of green mountain.Green mountain he now but all all, according to the military post grade, that proper city castellan just and green mountain he is even!"No matter is an authorities or a black A soldier, all return control a dollar religion.
    So, is also a gradational height.
    River rather county totally nine greatest city, the castellan of nine cities, position and black A soldier are all all close by, but lord city'river rather county city'of district magistrate, position then with black A soldier generally get about.
    However, no matter is all all, still keep getting generally, all black A soldier!
    So, castellan, the district magistrates in the mind will naturally low last 1:00.
    "All all adult!"
    There has been in the wine shop doorway some non-commissioned officers 35 in groups chat, dash away to come over at the sight of two war horses, immediately have non-commissioned officer to shout.
    "Light rain dismounts."The Teng green mountain steps green Zong snow horse completely stop bottom, green rain just gingerly jumps down, after all this green Zong steps snow height horse lead 8 Chinese feet, too Gao some.
    The Teng green mountain turns over a body to dismount and immediately have non-commissioned officer to once connect a war bridle horse.
    "All all adult!Proper city castellan on the left side of have been waiting inside the wine shop."There is non-commissioned officer low voice that report to report.
    The Teng green mountain turns a head to see go, just right, that proper city castellan'Yang Ke'BE taking many people to come out wine shop, dynasty this comes over here.The Teng green mountain was presumed to just march forward on the street, drive that non-commissioned officer in the wine shop now, told that proper city castellan.

  • This is his rootDatum13.03.2023 01:55
    Thema von gdshutter im Forum Bewerbt euch für die G...

    "Are you all all?"Yang Ke puzzles a way.
    The Du Hong depresses an orotund way:"Castellan, we all govern adult he temporarily with our cent way, return him old house."Suddenly, Yang Ke smiles to nod:"Green mountain he is my proper city person, H'm, should go home and see.Like, everyone's walking faster is getting more tired and still hurriedly have a meal, stop for rest.Will fight a horse, hand over to us to go."
    "Thank castellan."
    Right away 500 non-commissioned officers divide under the unified dispensation four go in the wine shop.
    "Heard?Teng green mountain in"Yang Ke glimpses Liu San of body side, " he returned to old house!Could not see a Teng green mountain, you also by the way and those 100 men grow understanding understanding and only have an advantage to have no bad place to you."
    "BE."Liu San smiles in response to the way, can heart bottom but some disappointment:"Heard an old younger brother of Teng green mountain to become all generally, have never thought but didn't can see!Want to see a Teng green mountain next time, don't know and wait until when."
    The Teng green mountain and Teng green tiger is 2 people, the positive plan horse dashes away, lead of place, the dust floats in the sky.
    "Green mountain, you see."Teng green tiger exultation, the Yao points distance.
    The Teng green mountain looking at distance, that ambiguously misty Chuang son is exactly Chuang in the Teng house that oneself lived for more than 10 years!
    "Finally arrive!Just not enough half year in"the in raptures of Teng green mountain unbearable heart, ", I unexpectedly concern about so a house!"The Teng green mountain is a bit surprised, at the same time heart in also contented.Previous incarnation he basically has no house, now then a life time is this Chuang, there are his parents, there is her younger sister, also have already allowed much more his clansmens of concernings.
    This is his root!
    "We come back!"Teng green tiger from afar and then the excitement shout, " opens the door and opens the door!"
    Chuang in the Teng house just as since go toward, live a peaceful and quite day, that two clansmen doubts that guard front door looking at distance speed astonishing two ride.
    "Which come of ride a soldier?Ma Ze?Can two."
    "Seem to be still to be dressed in heavy A!Even horse up all have heavy A, it is general Ma Ze to be different from."
    Watch the clansmens doubt.
    At this time-"we come back!Open the door, open the door!"That acquaints with of the voice stream into ear, two clansmens watching are one Zheng, connect careful toward outside seeing go, at the moment fight a horse have already hurtled front door quickly:"This is …… , is a green tiger, also have a green mountain!Open the door quickly."
    "The green mountain comes back!"
    "The green tiger comes back!"
    It is loud and clear but contain the voice of excitement, resound through the whole Wu Chang of doing.
    Immediately Chuang in the Teng house does Wu Chang's numerous clansmens and immediately flowed out toward the front door past.
    "Ha ha, two uncles!Connect an uncle!"The Teng green mountain jumps down a horse and removes helmet, then and surroundings of the clansmens say "hello".
    A big cluster of clansmens all rounding Teng green mountain and Teng green tiger is 2 people.
    ", The green mountain comes back, Ze Ze, is this heavy AN of the black A soldier?"
    "Green tiger, you what horse is this ?All of hair colors are utter darknesses."
    It is whole to do Wu Chang's jollification.
    "Always any, you son's green mountain come back!"
    "Elder sister Lan, green mountain he comes back!"
    This shouts a voice to quickly spread the whole Teng Chuang in the house and connect Yuan orchid and green rain that is cooking to cook in the home, a hear this shouts a voice and directly threw down shovel, even ignore meals, flew soon of toward doing Wu Chang Ben.Run on the road to still ask:"Did my house's green mountain really come back?"
    Dash away all the way!
    When the Yuan orchid and green rain mother female hurtles to do a martial field of time, have already far away seen, that be dressed in red iron weighs AN of Teng green mountain, Teng green mountain a turn a head to also see his/her own mother and younger sister.
    "Niang!"Teng green mountain not from shout a way.
    Mother'Yuan orchid'O.K., younger sister'green rain'but is hurtle into a Teng green mountain bosom:"Elder brother!"Shouting is a , eyes are getting reder.
    "The light rain don't cry, don't cry."The Teng green mountain connects a consolation way.
    "H'm, I miss elder brother so much."Green rain faces upward to looking at her elder brother, she since the childhood be doted on in the Teng green mountain under grow up, this suddenly and Teng green mountain's having half year don't meet, she really not habit.

  • The farmland list waits person to nodDatum10.03.2023 10:31
    Thema von gdshutter im Forum Bewerbt euch für die G...

    The black A soldier war horse dashes away, the headway of the fast disease officer way up.
    Smoke and dust is billowing, officer way no matter the top is a merchant prince pedestrian, civilian as well or Ma Ze's robber, all all back a wayside, only and perhaps trouble to this black A soldier.
    Fight a horse to dash away, set out in the morning, wait until the sun sting eye, Teng green mountain they already China plentiful city district, get into proper city inshore.
    "Stop!"Teng green mountain one makes next.
    "Lyu Lyu~~~"
    The Xun l does black A soldier non-commissioned officers of having the vegetable to quickly stop bottom, at 1:00 all not disorderly, moreover five 100 men long immediately arrive to a Teng green mountain body side.
    "All all adult ……" farmland list waits person to looking at a Teng green mountain.
    "The elder brother of the farmland, here, I temporarily separate with you, I and green tiger he goes home first 1!But you, directly go proper city and have a meal to stop for rest, think that the necessarily proper city castellan has already readied to dishes to go with wine!Wait until an afternoon, I and green tiger, arrive to proper city again to concentrate with you, together set out when the time comes, return to river rather!"The Teng green mountain says.
    The farmland list waits person to nod.
    Come of time, the Teng green mountain wants to go home not to become, because up have white Qi all all, but now, the Teng green mountain is all all, the leader of this camp tallest person's horse, he says how do nature how do.
    "Finally can go home."Teng green tiger exultation.
    "This time go, old Du, farmland elder brother, you 4 lead good person's horse."The Teng green mountain entrusts a way.
    "All all the adult trust."4 people all smiled.
    The Teng green mountain is tiny to nod, immediately see toward the Teng of green tiger:"Green tiger, we walk!"At numerous non-commissioned officers at of situation, the Teng green mountain has to support all all dignity and shout a Teng green tiger, must also shout'green tiger', rather than cousin.
    Teng green mountain and Teng green tiger 2 people drive a war horse to dash away, very quick disappear at inside black A soldier visual field scope.
    "Let's also set out."The farmland list says.
    The Du Hong nods, immediately clear voice way:"Set out!"
    Right away this black A soldier's horse vastly and mightily enters hair, and then runs toward the proper city direction again half of two-hour period, black A soldier's horse finally arrived proper city.
    On the proper castellan trunk highway, vastly and mightily the black A soldier goes forward, those peddler, businessman and the strangers all back to dare not offend these terrible non-commissioned officers in the side, but the wine shop in last time more road segment up, proper city castellan'Yang Ke'BE leading a group of under charges to greet black A soldier arrival.
    "Castellan adult!New appointees in"have the man of knife Ba to be dressed in embroidered robe on a face, say with smile, " all all Teng green mountain, that is us proper city of, and with me relate to O.K.."
    This person is exactly the white is Ma Bang Liu's three Yes, Liu San Ye be white Ma Bang greatly take charge of, also many the penny Yong permit of spirit.
    Know Liu San Ye's record of events, who don't know white are three Ye meanses of Ma Bang Liu malicious hot?
    "Ha ha, is to isn't that that Teng green mountain real strenght is too strong, your Liu San, just has intention to become friends with?"Whole body white the middle age man of the Shan ha ha say with smile, " however you control breath really quite good, this Teng green mountain just entered a black A soldier soon, became all generally, or believed in a lord to appoint in person.Believe in a lord to him, but privilege very much ……he is young to is all all now, hereafter settle is an unlimited future, you also have taste on the whole and hand over a friend like this."
    This Liu's three Yes are full of smiles.
    ", The black A soldier arrived and walked, you also went and your good friend Teng green mountain see."This proper city castellan'Yang Ke'say with a smile, right away Liu San Ye together comes forward to greet with him.

    Chapter 36 goes home
    500 black A soldier non-commissioned officers vastly and mightily, tidy uniform, march forward on the main street of proper city.That heavy ferocious mien frightens around of civilian, the peddlers don't dare to make a noise.On the whole street only that"Da!""Da!""Da!"Of clop.But the proper city castellan lead a group of soldier Weis and far and far see and immediately greet up.
    "Stop!"Du Hong one makes next.
    The whole black A soldier is tidy uniform stop bottom.
    "Dismount!"The Du Hong drinks a way, the one heavy AN iron slice bumps a shot voice, and 500 non-commissioned officers all without exception dismount.

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    After, several days' La month 30 this days is also a year fiesta this day.
    On this day, Chuang jollification in the Teng house very, the persons of son in the whole Chuang all come together a food and drink, very happy.And divide in evening, there is a batch of youths in Chuang in the Teng house and also formally become adult.Then there is Teng green mountain among them.
    In the evening, do Wu Chang to up and around order to catch fire a pair of, many clansmens all round a table piece's food and drink.
    "Green mountain!Congratulate you on become adult, after, can can take a wife, give birth to a child, ha ha ……come, we the brothers a pair does one cup."The Teng green Hao raises big bowl of come over here, the Teng green mountain is also smiling to raise big bowl of:"Come, stem!"2 people touch a bowl and face upward later on, the one mouthful woulds be to drink cleanly.
    "Each brothers."The big and strong man that side is dressed in black skin Ao looking at a Teng green mountain to wait a person and says with smile, " I must say a matter with everyone."
    "Green tiger has what good matter?"A Teng surname is one clan youth, all looking at a Teng green tiger.
    The Teng green tiger says with smile:"Do not have an accident, I am about to marry next year."
    "Green tiger your boy, have already urged you, your boy is marrying."Teng green Hao not from smile to scold a way, after all the Teng green tiger celebrated the New Year fiesta, that is the foot is 22 years old.The 22-year-old man , in Chuang in the Teng house, almost married.
    Once the Teng green mountain grasp Teng green tiger arm and drag along to one side and depress an orotund way, "cousin, how did you think?Are you not to say, wait disorderly bureau of proper city to quell, intend to return a dollar religion together with me?How to turn an eye and marry?"
    "Green mountain.Gentleman in"the Teng green tiger says with smile, " certainly needs to go out to rush.However, married a daughter-in-law, joined that again to return a dollar religion to also have no a matter.Anyway when the time comes, wait me is returning a dollar religion to stand firm a heel, connect over there a daughter-in-law again!Before don't marry, that is to don't find out to worthy of a look, but this ……green mountain, your elder brother's wife she, I am one eye to have a liking for."

    Chapter 37 tiger form absolute being!
    "Can go into cousin's your eye, the elder brother's wife is seen really quite good.Come, cousin, will soon marry for you, I respect you."The Teng green mountain also cans find out a beloved woman but feel happy for oneself's cousin.
    "Ha ha ……come, do."
    2 people touch a bowl and quaff in one gulp.
    "However the green mountain waits through year, my house would go to next hire, as for marry, my dad will settle a nice day with the other party home when the time comes.So, presumably still have a few months."The Teng green tiger says.
    "How many months do you still care this?However cousin, this everyday of tiger boxing you also want to hard do and arrived to return a dollar religion this future and thought to be get ahead and depended of but true skill."The Teng green mountain connects to remind a way.
    "I understand."The Teng green tiger smiles.
    This natural span of life fiesta, the men of Teng surname clansmen drink very happily, after all because there are several strongs that do the strength in inside the clan, also make this several in the last yearses in Chuang in the Teng house, the fame is more and more big.Flank of what Lee Chuangs in the houses, Wang Jia Zhuang, all don't dare to fight with Chuang in the Teng house again as well.
    Celebrate the New Year for these several days, all of the clansmens are to in groups get together, enjoy this pleased celebrate.
    Teng green mountain home, mother the Yuan orchid and green rain all went out, home left Teng green mountain one person.
    "Hua!"Hospital door in the courtyard starts to bolt.
    Teng green mountain from sigh to say with smile:"It is a few days ago a year fiesta, prepare various affair.Now like, on the whole easy.Can also formally start the self-discipline 《tiger form magical power 》 ."Is the white Ma Bang, iron mountain to help money of accepting the year first a few days ago, secondly again is the goods that purchase a year etc..
    Teng green mountain Be inside the clan first superior, many affairs all want his horse, wait until New Year's Day, he just completely and easily comes down.
    "Ji border can Zu teacher, create of this 《 tiger form magical power 》, go to for the my form idea boxing Gao incomparable skill.Previous incarnation of time, the world spiritual influence is thin and diluted to arrive extreme achievement, my self-discipline a not enough[one] month, the body character exactly raises about 1 times.Now then a life time, this world spiritual influence is abundant, don't know, can raise how much!"
    Teng green mountain the whole individual keeps to pretty and pretty crouch down.

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    "H'm."Teng always any, Yuan orchid the husband and wife cautiously listen to the son relating.
    The Teng green mountain says:"I feel to get, this white the horse help to help Dou with iron mountain of more and more horrifying, estimate, also quickly have result.I think ……wait these two help the of cent the victory or defeat, the proper city falls calm, Chuang in the Teng house resumes quite.I leave Chuang in the Teng house and join to return a dollar religion!"
    "Leave Chuang in the Teng house?"Green rain of the one side is surprised to shout 1.
    Is contrary, Teng always any, Yuan orchid husband and wife but not the slightest surprised, 2 people mutually see one eye.
    The Teng green mountain just was born in this in this world, have already made a living away from home this world, the knowledge experienced this world superior's viewpoint, otherwise, he is without a break every day of the bitterness fix, again exactly for the sake of what?Let he lifetime, the turtle shrinks on this land in Chuang in the Teng house, the Teng green mountain is afraid is can not stand.
    "Green mountain."Teng any always smiled to clap to clap Teng green mountain shoulder, " in fact I and your Niang, early thought of, one day you will mention this affair."
    "You 6 years old that year."Teng any always says with smile, " at that time, your grandfather let you got in to return a dollar religion for the dint lord.Even in force you, close you into firewood building.However you didn't want to leave at that time ……in fact I and your Niang, have been being just thinking, a genius son, we were this Chuang son, locked don't live you how long of."
    The Yuan orchid of flank also says with smile:"Green mountain, the Niang is very happy, the man has ambition at everywhere, proper city well-known good brave fellow, which be not make a living away from home between the world, rush a prestige?"
    "Niang."Teng green mountain but discover, eyes of Niang are getting reder.
    "Green mountain, with your real strenght, joining that green lake island is all easy to accomplish.You should also know, that green lake island is one of nine states eight greatest religious sectses.Compare to return a dollar Zong Qiang much."Teng any always says.
    Really, the world is nine states, among them Yang state first religious sect'green lake island', is one of nine states eight greatest religious sectses.
    But return a dollar religion, although in the Yang state and'iron dress door'combine to call the second, can on nine state the earths, placings want at several.
    "Dad."The Teng green mountain says with smile, " after all this returns a dollar religion is to control our river rather county of, my after joining return a dollar religion still living in the river rather county is inshore.And later I can also usually come back to see you!With I the real strenght of the top-grade martial, join to return a dollar religion, think to be necessarily successful in career is not difficult either.When the time comes, also in aid of we Chuang in the Teng house."
    Teng always any eyes a bright, a clap Teng green mountain shoulder:"Not the Kui is always my Teng any of good son!"
    "H'm, green mountain, an in the last years hereafter see a Niang, Niang very happy."Yuan orchid eyes are suffused with red, " is other time, you work hard well, your own affair, more important."
    "Dad, Niang, now I not is haven't walked.Don't wait until a disorderly bureau of proper city to quell, I can not also have peace of mind to return a dollar religion."The Teng green mountain says.
    "H'm."Teng any always nods and immediately sees toward oneself's wife, " orchid, the green mountain since decides to be going to return a dollar religion in the future.That ……those say Mei, you don't promise.I am here son, in the future achieve, can far and far isn't that iron mountain to take charge of for those 3s, white Ma Bang Hong's four Yes they can compare.Hereafter the daughter-in-law marrying, that is also Ms. everyone of the meeting piano chess calligraphy and painting."
    Teng green mountain not from smile.
    He understands Chuang person in the Teng house's viewpoint, can marry an in their eyes, Ms. everyone of the meeting piano chess calligraphy and painting, that is the affair that only believes in to show off Zu.
    The Teng green mountain prepares the news he/she wants to leave Chuang in the Teng house, didn't get abroad, also just the clan grow to wait a handful of men to know.Everyone agrees with a Teng green mountain, this decision very much.
    The man has ambition at everywhere!
    There is the person of skill, so as to go out to make a living away from home.

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    "This calls what rubbish."Teng always any eyebrows a wrinkly, let go of chopsticks Xun to scold a way, " green mountain, this isn't filial to have three, after having no big!Marry or not, isn't that your wanting doesn't think of matter, is that you have to do of matter!You don't wear to think for yourself and also want to think for me and your Niang writing.We but wait to have grandchild."
    The green rain Wu mouth of one side steals to smile.
    The Teng green mountain in the mind hair bitterness.
    This ancient and modern thought is totally different, modern social people think greatly of very much to the kid, don't even say this ancient times, that is joss stick tradition, aller important than lives!If Teng any today always dare to say to don't want to marry during a lifetime, perhaps his old dad Teng any always likes this son again, will also fierily picked up iron gun to hit him.
    "Any elder brother, the green mountain in a couple of days also just just became adult, you wore what hasty?"Flank of mother the Yuan orchid connected to pull Teng always any, " you not also 28 years old that year, just have a son?"
    " Because of I late, green mountain he just wants breakfast."Teng always any some wraths are difficult even, " early gets married and early have a kid!"
    Is 28 years old to have a son, pure at last late teach.
    Be like that Teng always brother-in-law Xiang, compare Teng always any is only big 2 years old, but Teng always the son of Xiang'Teng green Hao'have been 27 years old this year, celebrate the New Year fiesta all 28.Comparing a Teng green mountain fully greatly is 12 years old.Even having kids is three.This Teng isn't any always how can hasty?
    After all he by himself all late, certainly think that the son hurries.
    "Dad, this marries not is say early early."Teng green mountain even defense way, " I also not is say and don't marry, just, not hasty marry."
    The previous incarnation is a previous incarnation, the present life is a present life.
    In Chuang in the Teng house these years are surrounded by the very thick natural affection, the Teng green mountain is no longer a previous incarnation is that cold cutthroat.He doesn't think as well because of the affair of previous incarnation, now then a life time life long don't marry.Even if consider for the sake of the father and mother, in the future have to also the ground marry a daughter-in-law.Just ……the Teng green mountain is finally impossible, literally seek a daughter-in-law, looking at beautiful and easy on the eyes marry.This, not that possible.
    "Dad, this takes a wife, I must seek up a rightness worthy of a look of."The Teng green mountain smiles to make fun a way.
    "H'm."Teng any this political ability is always tiny a little bit comfortable.
    "Green mountain, you prepare to marry a few daughters-in-law in the future."Teng any always says again.
    "Burst."Green rain being having a meal all sprayed grain of cooked rice to come out and stared her dad's one eye, dissatisfied way, " dad, you still have uncles they, mostly all not is marry a .How do you lift this?"
    The Teng green mountain is in distress situation.
    "Your this kid understands what."Teng any tiger always wears a face way, " you see your grandfather, that but have three daughters-in-law.You live in three uncles of west head, that is to have two daughters-in-law.This man is to have skill more, will marry several more daughters-in-law!You get to city in see, those big businessman, which isn't a lot of daughters-in-law."
    The Teng green mountain Wu wears head.
    Have a headache!
    If have no previous incarnation memory, also become accustomed to, can Teng green mountain really and not too habit.
    Those businessman, the Teng green mountain also knows.The positive wife, even wife still has a heap of a keep woman, the sons and daughters are all a lot of.And in the civilian, because many people all keep not to live by themselves and certainly also marry a daughter-in-law.Have a little skill of and marry 23 daughters-in-law are also normal.
    "Any elder brother, you how no longer marry a ?"The maother Yuan orchid of flank sees toward the Teng always any.
    Teng any always smiled:" Orchid, I had you to go."Say a to pull the hand of Yuan orchid, " however green mountain he is more severe than me, should marry several more.This man is severe, one sees much brave force, the second see the sons and daughters having how much!The sons and daughters are more many, in the future also good go to under the family possessions tradition."
    "Dad!"The Teng green mountain hesitates and still keeps deciding to reveal this affair first.
    "How, not happy?"Teng any always counter-questions a Teng green mountain.
    "Be not, I have an affair to get to say."The Teng green mountain is formally some.
    "Say."Teng any always also cautiously listens to.

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    "Green rain is this kid."That women smile, " also to, green mountain, that is that the proper city is inshore to have the good brave fellow of number, which miss don't want to marry a man like this."
    "That BE."Green rain satisfied 1.
    "However, speak of, these two years, our man of Chuang in the Teng house, have a become adult of, have many misses of outside Chuangs to want to marry to come over.Two children in"this women also roar with laughter, " my house, say Mei of all many.Don't even say green mountain in your house.After all, green mountain, but we the first good brave fellow in Chuang in the Teng house."
    Because the white Ma Bang, iron mountain helps of fight, especially iron mountain helps of squeeze.
    Making many Chuang sons living is difficult.
    This contrast lived good Chuang in the Teng house in the past and added to seem to be more.Surrounding many misses of Chuang sons all want to marry to go to Chuang in the Teng house.
    As for Teng green mountain, this first good brave fellow inside the Chuang, the fame is in the outside, what have ten thousand catties of huge dint, 10 years old can kill a group of wolf etc.s ……various legend, it has improper thoughts many misses of outside Chuang.After all this age, people admire most of is the man of those brave force.
    Zhi in the door of courtyard ah one opened and holdsed the youth of one pole iron gun to then and greatly tread to walk to come in.
    "Elder brother."Green rain connects to start to run to go out.
    "The green mountain comes back."That women connect to start enthusiasm to say "hello".
    "Two Niangs."The Teng green mountain also smiles, " all at noon, two Niangs have lunch here."
    "Not not."This women see the Teng green mountain seeming to be a bit narrow-minded and connecting to say with smile, " my house's lunch also about like, I returned to first.Elder sister Lan ……I you say of, you can be good friends with good consideration, my niece small Yuan, that be the good miss, absolutely quite good."
    The mother Yuan orchid also smiles to connect to send to this two Niangs to leave.
    "Again is come to say Mei."The Teng green mountain is helpless a smile.
    "Elder brother, I see today you are pretty happy, have what exultation matter?"Green rain is with Teng green mountain together, is close brother and sister, discover today's Teng green mountain to seem to be particularly happy very easily.
    "This you see out."The Teng green mountain says with smile.
    "Certainly, you don't see as well I is who, I am us Chuang in the Teng house the younger sister of first good brave fellow."The Teng green rain Xi says with smile.
    "H'm, there is happy event.However tell you to don't understand as well., The dad came back and prepared to have lunch."Teng green mountain the mood is very good today, since two year agos, Teng green mountain also for the everyday morning, the sky is still black, have no how bright, entered a mountain bitterness to do, carried on the shoulder megalith to rush training in Tashan.
    Treat a half hour after, come back to have breakfast.
    The daytime Teng green mountain is all foolish in the clan, or the practice form idea boxing, or practice marksmanship.
    But today, he finally broke the toll-gate of end.
    "Unexpectedly this body character is more strong, break through a blood vessels difficulty to also promote.However, break through an of end on the whole vein ……since today, I the whole body blood vessels is completely unimpeded."Teng green mountain heart in thrilling, the training of these about two in the last yearses, the real strenght of the Teng green mountain, than of two year agos are stronger a raise.
    Whole body everyone the noodles character all have 1 to promote, certainly, promote range, have no the strongest plan to promote much for those four years.
    "I now real strenght, raised 30% than two year agos or so.Can who think, can not also go deep into to there bluish green cold pond bottom in the pond."The dark way in the Teng green mountain heart, " today on the whole the blood vessels is completely lucid, have cultivated my respected master incomparable skill of form idea boxing since tomorrow'tiger form magical power'!Wait real strenght to be significant again to promote, again explore that bluish green cold pond."
    "Green mountain."Father Teng any always also sits down and prepares to have lunch, " I just road up see you two Niangs."
    "Any elder brother, did you also see?"The mother Yuan orchid carries the bowl to the table up, say with smile at the same time, " she is to come to say Mei for one of her niece, green mountain in our house, there are also several genius adulthoods, can greatly want miss to marry to come over, a , can is all beauty such as the flower."
    "Green mountain, how did you think?Does the plan when marry?"Teng any always pickeds up chopsticks and inquires a way at the same time.

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    "The door of the west is eastward trouble have been already solved.See, is should guard a pass to fasten with Lin Bao Er to make a clear distinction Chu.Otherwise, again keep on entwining like this, it was more and more bother to fear."The leaf autumn in the mind thinks a way.
    But make a clear distinction a relation and talk what easy?
    Is simply to make Lin Bao Er tell family, say that she didn't like she?See to have to so.
    See a leaf don't connect words for autumn, is like understand his in the mind is just thinking what.
    Lin Cang Xie claps his shoulder and sighed tone to ask a way:"How about standing up like a forest violet squad?"
    So?Leaf autumn the previous consideration want to let leaf's tiger connect his/her own class.
    However Lin Cang Xie puts forward now, if oneself answers criticism, will can't let other people's bad impression say that they are too greedy?
    Occupy two important positions a while, even if are that Lin Jia's some people are afraid is also some parlance?
    Oneself is also the son-in-law who didn't come of Lin Jia Yi, stand up like a forest but Lin Jia particularly train of outstanding talented person.If oneself a but again and again but three of impede the step that he goes forward, willing be disgusting is afraid Be getting worse.
    "It is also quite good.My before considering is to let leaf's tiger come up.You put forward to stand up like a forest to take office now, I feel that he is also very suitable."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.The artistic talent of standing up like a forest he still approves of, is taken office violet squad by him isn't a bad matter.
    "Leaf's tiger?I know him.Put first.Have advantage to you."Lin Cang Lan says.
    "Be greedy for wolf is also use it just."The autumn of the leaf sighs to say.Can not accept to be greedy for the wolf as oneself use, also is really some regret.
    Lin Cang Lan's point nods, but have no again talk.A lot of matters aren't what they can make main.
    Every power shuffles cards, is all collision and compromise of faction.
    Even if from leaf autumn contend for the position of fifth troops captain, who dare to say again absolutely safe?
    "The sword is cold, you said beauty to put together wine with you yesterday.Still say that I absolutely could not guess.BE who?"The autumn of the leaf smiles to ask a way.He chats in the behind with Lin Cang Xie and pour is give° Wang Jian Han to treat coldly.
    "Ha ha.If I don't say, you absolutely can not guess."Mention this indeed as expected, Wang Jian Han the all over the face is red light.In three brotherses, Wang Jian Han behaves straightforward simplicity most , leaf the autumn Yin Be soft difficult to measure.But Lin Cang Lan then the plank wear a face all day long, the pleased Nu is difficult to measure.
    "I still really can not guess."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.
    "The Guo in the China meeting you know?"Wang Jian Han asks a way.
    "Knowing is some."Leaf autumn answer way.Medium the Wang will be that the China is another one big household white house of woman white water heart set sets up of economic allies meeting, almost network all China all success females absorb to become a member.
    None of any times wants to despise a woman, especially on the economy.The wealth that these women control touches eyes shocking.It is a very dazzling business organization in recent years.
    And, bring up this organization, the leaf autumn thinks of another one personal thing again:The white is soft.
    The policewoman that firmly stands by justice spiteful amiability, has a day don't meet.Return be really some think of.
    "The Hey Hey is the geneses person who wins a Guo meeting, one of the legend females of the Yan city white water heart invite ours.She knows our eminent family three little together gather Yan of city, have heart to become friends with, especially the idea makes a phone call to invite us to meet."
    "It is regrettable.You are accompanying beauty very much in love.Only I went to an appointment with eldest brother.
    You don't know"…assist at wine parties of is all unique color beauty.Ze Ze, not only beautiful, return wealth lead hundred million, …if I can steep much more previous good.Hereafter sit to can not eat, just serious Be been by ground, have much of the small white face of prospect."
    The autumn of the leaf is interrogative that the ground asks a way:"Eminent family three little?This is what call?"

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    Volume 3's starting to stand back to be a person chapter 634 open heart is opposite
    Just joined the army to come out in a mansion, Wang Jian Han gathered together to come over, asking of concern way"how?"
    "Still calculate to be satisfied with."The autumn of the leaf smiles to nod.
    Although say that the processing to the Yan house is to lightly take to lightly put, actually process this time affairs after, the Yan house keeps on also wanting to be exhaustive dead silent.
    Vicissitudes of official life, ups and downs.After, it's leaf's turn the autumn lead of leaf's house stand on the last breeze and towarded stroke in the Yan house to inhibit.
    How handle them, will see a leaf the mood of classmate for autumn.
    Is positive such as leaf when the autumn just got into a Yan city Yan pleasant breeze to very his attitude is similar, occupied vantage pointed of look down.
    The father's hatred case finally can reverse court sentence.And, nation especially the idea sent the skeleton that a squad looks for a father, if find out, will bring back to elaborate.
    The father covers up bone other place, this is that the many people is hard to release the affair of bosom.
    Lin Cang Lan ordered to nod, result like this early at his anticipate in.Ask a way:"Carry on repair to you?"
    "This pours is don't mention.If want what, still needing oneself fight for is afraid."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.
    "Yan pleasant breeze's resigning from fifth troops captain is one job, and dint Jian the trump card member of team of fifth troops be greedy for wolf to take office."Lin Cang Xie as if nothing has occurredly says.The shoulder that claps Wang Jian Han signals hint him to drive away car.Their cars are horizontal the big hospital doorway is at the military district, show people to arrive always not so good.
    "How to say top?"The autumn of the leaf concerns ground to ask a way.
    The autumn of the leaf and was greedy for wolf to once exchange blows, all extremely think greatly of to his artistic skill and the personal characterses.This is a rare superior, if in other special forces.Absolutely is the trump card in the trump card, serve as captain one job very of accommodation.
    But, the leaf autumn equally knows, he is the confident of Yan pleasant breeze.
    Even if the leaf autumn has results to show whole United States, but involves the business of Yan house, still don't hope to see own opponent be deployed a severe pawn to make elbow oneself.
    "The top hasn't unified a hard conclusion.Someone recommended to stand up like a forest."Lin Cang Lan's hands match to together put on the knee and say.
    Stand up like a forest?
    Ye Qiu remembers this name.At the beginning while competing violet squad captain, he ever and own opponent.End because support of river Yan purple persistence and violet squad member of team finally just defeat him.
    Unexpectedly this time he again the station came out.See the talented person who is Lin Jia to relatively think greatly of to him.The time that there is important position every time, all will someone's dint push him to come out to battle out.
    "H'm.He is just an individual."The autumn of the leaf doesn't understand the meaning that Lin Cang Xie says this sentence.So unclearly in response to the way.
    "Stand up like a forest?Ha ha, I feel two elder brothers pretty suitable.The eldest brother contends for for him."
    The face full of smiles ground of Wang Jian Han says.
    "How do you think?"Lin Cang Xie's once turning a face to see autumn is toward the leaf.
    "If Lin Jia pushes a forest of of words, I feel that he is also very suitable."The autumn of the leaf is some to disobey nature to say.
    Lin Cang Lan's view puts in leaf's autumn face up, is like the true viewpoint that wants to recognize him.

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    Sit to sweep to see a whole field and sink a voice to say at the short thin old man of meeting table seat of host:"Everyone said, how to should handle this matter."
    "Should resume martyr reputation."
    "Want to connect his skeleton back to elaborate."
    "The body upper cover national flag is to lead?When he was performance task in the house for the country hatred dead."
    "Should give its family members to comfort the bereaved and compensate.After all, they also followed to discommode so for several years ……"
    See arrive so many people just talk for himself, the situation presents the situation that a side pours.Leaf autumn in the mind multitude of feelings surges up.
    "Father, such as if you have been already worked properly on sky.Will definitely feel delighted?Reveal the truth now, you come back.Return to to living you to keep your country and return to the country that you defend with life and soul.Return to ……return to that to make you discommode country for 20 years."
    Don't aware of self of, there is tears whereabouts on the face.
    The board room is solemn and peaceful solemn, a flock of old man who wears to pack a star soldier divides row both sides.Although they have been enough of old, the hair has already been dyed white by the years.But their waist poles still keep standing a ground of perfectly straight, shoulder load the heavy responsibility that wear a China national wealth people Anne of country.
    After death the fresh flowers vomits a pistil, beautiful desire drop.And these old man the military dress on the body form fresh clear contrast.A just a soft and harmonious grand view.
    "……Discover after careful and attentive survey in the military situation bureau, the leaf heavy captain is really framed up.He and NUMBER ONE cutthroat the organization basically has no contact, didn't evened once betrayed the national interest to them ……"what to be speaking is bureau chief Chen Fang of military situation one bureau.
    Although his post is in the center some to is insignificant in these old man sons, because he is the bureau chief of military situation bureau.Accept order to investigate this matter again.So, after a weight of military authority will get to deliver words, start being done time by him reporting.
    "At that of in the activity, leaf heavy captain body first private soldier, successfully completed organization to hand over to his task.Just because the intelligence report inducement that is subjected to teammate finally just bring about tragic incident ……"
    Wait until Chen Fang the speech complete, board room inside quietness.No one talks.The owners are all silent to noiselessly sit.
    One is fat of will get to strike table to scold a way:"How could such a thing be possible.How could such a thing be possible.Really divide too much.Unexpectedly there is still in our troops this kind of black sheep of the family.The leaf weighs my understanding of that child, is a good seedling son.In those early years I return and old Li Qiang Ren of navy's fleet, I wanted to make him join our air force ……at that time after he had an accident, I disappointed deeply, still pain scolded, he drank many wine.Unexpectedly he is framed up.How could such a thing be possible ……is really how unreasonable."
    "Yes.What big gun Chen said is quite good.I really cherished a leaf very much in those early years heavy of just article.He is a born soldier.Talented person like this but be framed up a marriage to fall other place, really make the public sour."A lean old headman deplores greatly ground to say.
    "I have a responsibility.At the beginning the leaf heavy captain has an accident, I am very shocked.Carrying as a result is sorry and ashamed, resign from a post.Unexpectedly as a result but is so."Lee whom the leaf met once autumn last time keeps making a way.
    He is also the victim whom the leaf weighs affairs.Be because at the beginning he is the captain of fifth troops, after the heavy leaf has an accident, he is up suspended from duties.Is finally old, hasn't been also allowing what important post.Just hanged a sinecure in the soldier department.
    Sit to sweep to see a whole field and sink a voice to say at the short thin old man of meeting table seat of host:"Everyone said, how to should handle this matter."
    "Should resume martyr reputation."
    "Want to connect his skeleton back to elaborate."
    "The body upper cover national flag is to lead?Yuan dead when he was performance task in the house for the country."

  • autumn in frontDatum07.10.2022 17:24
    Thema von gdshutter im Forum Bewerbt euch für die G...

    The clear and crisp box on the ear voice is in this wide night this that Fu, keep listenning to a ground of person's skin of head deliver cold, the legs keep cringing.
    That man raises hand time and time again and compares at a time to fall in more emphatically at a time.Even, he that face that distort, all so let person's heart palpitates.
    Don't aware of self of, everybody's in the mind will gush this phrase language.
    Also only this phrase language, so as to describe this ex- moment looks beautiful and slender gentle, next become the guy of the Azrael of harvesting the life.
    He is smiling.The ground of Zheng Ning smiles.The easily let the public living good will of beautiful and slender face distortion ground not presentable son.
    The leaf of this time autumn has a hard speech-like in shape magic power, but, more people will drive he the performance of this a moment frighten.
    Also know and stired up how much box on the ear, even change breath voices in leaf autumn handle knob a ground of weakly gratitude cast away ground up.
    By foot kicked to kick his body, said:"Return to tell them, is who humiliated you.If you forget my name, I can repeat-----I call a leaf for autumn.Maple
    , The autumn in autumn."
    The body of gratitude moved to move, then lay prone on the ground violently a cough get up.
    ''The ground vomited an one mouthful, the blood inside still mixed up with a two tooth that is bowl off.
    From start into eventually, the whole Mao car field one calmness.
    No one makes a noise, no one obstructs.Even connect that car of bellowed a voice also and didn't know just to when and all stop, originally disturbingly noisy night at this a moment quiet fearfulness.
    Gratitude those companions that make open Hu when the leaf autumn begins, everybody surprisedly gape.Want to make a noise arrestment, but throat the inside but hair make no noise a sound.
    They are frightened, frightened next it's oneself's turn.
    "Queen, your dooming the person whom you like is a devil."He Xiao Wu's ear in west shallow language in the door is mumbling to say.
    "Is he a devil?I know."Shallow language in the door also drive leaf the autumn suddenly made effort to arrive for earthquake Zhe, the view puts in face of leaf autumn up, a blink not to blink ground to say.
    Like forty the ache of Tang Guo Xin gets up, she has never seen a leaf an autumn a facial expression like this.BE what kind of ache make his face distort into this appearance?
    Originally liking Lin Bao Er whom the jollification causes trouble is suddenly silent.Stagnantly looking at a leaf where heavily raise hand for autumn, and stir up a person for a while all of a sudden, no longer feel incitement, on the contrary feel to what things press in the chest, let she the breath all feel difficult.
    -~Very obviously, this greatly didn't fasten with chest.
    Chen Mo Nong signs quietly at the leaf autumn after death, she was the person who is present to wide awake most .But she has never wanted to want up to obstruct a leaf for autumn of viewpoint.
    The leaf autumn peacetime calmed down too much, a kid about 20 years old, for the sake of the existence and the responsibility, be like a work with general old people in calculate and tired rush about.This just he comes to say that the too cruel Ke engraved.If so he can vent his own exasperation and the pain in the heart, Chen Mo Nong will feel very delighted.
    Until leaf the autumn pipe down, Chen Mo Nong just walk to the leaf autumn in front, feel pity on ground to hold his hand in own center of palm.Just of leaf the autumn is like the big kid of an injustice.
    "I am all right."The leaf once turns autumn a face and towarded her smile.
    "Forbid to smile."Chen Mo Nong says.
    The leaf autumn is intentionally one Leng, then no longer covers up own sorrow.The voice deep and lowly says:"Is my doing 1 ground getting more intemperate?"
    "Have no."Chen Mo Nong shakes head."Is original to have you considered as for no one person.The bad person always has the power of perpetration."
    "Do not you want to know reason?"The autumn of the leaf also tightly grasps Chen Mo Nong's hand, be like grasped full everywhere happiness.The woman of this cleverness always can't give people just a tiny bit pressure.But when oneself has pressure, can also always find out to bestly release a method.
    "You mean to say.I just want to listen to."Chen Mo Nong lifts Mou son to looking at a leaf for autumn of eyes, say.
    Leaf autumn glitter smile, but don't make a noise an explanation.
    Lin Bao Er walks to the leaf autumn in front, be devoted to in his bosom, weep over to say:"The autumn of the leaf, I don't know what is the row son.Feel very suffered.The heart is very painful."

  • stand a whileDatum07.10.2022 17:20
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    Say:"What is the row son?Does the hinterland spread to stir up a face for the person?Just the treasure son wants to beat for me, now you again come on your own initiative volunteer to army.Even if want to train for physical fitness, also not is hasty here momentary.Go, if you would like to of words, come to deal with it for you.Anyway I three year agos once enjoyed, now render up you don't relate to."
    West shallow language in the door took aim an eye Lin Bao Er in the distance depress voice to say not:"If the treasure son starts to ask, you say to is what you force and replace me."
    Her wanting not is buttonned up by Lin Bao Er up'heavy color light friend'of hat, originally was also Lin Bao Er to put forward first come of, but oneself didn't promise her.
    "It is understand."The autumn of the leaf noded and walked over there to the gratitude with unwilling look.
    "Gratitude?"The autumn of the leaf smiles to ask a way.
    "It is me.Who are you ?"The gratitude up and down beats a leaf autumn to ask a way.Since Zhang Que admitted defeat on one's own initiative, he wants to know the position of this guy.
    "The autumn of the leaf."
    "The autumn of the leaf?Don't hear."Gratitude despise ground Pie Pie mouth.
    "This isn't in the way."Leaf autumn moderate tunnel."However.There is a matter that want with your company measure for a while.
    You owe language ground two palms.The meeting is begged for a time for her by me."
    Hear the ground of autumn words.Gratitude ground the facial expression become a ground of difficult look.Once turned a face to see westward shallow language in the door.Ask a way:"Does he say that the ground is really?"
    "It is a ground.I agree to do so."The west language in the door smiles to nod.
    "Do not go."The gratitude indignantly says."I am to make a bet with you.Even if is lose.Should be also punished by you.Don't have some relation with him."
    The gratitude knows that the man stirs up face and woman to stir up face land productivity a way naturally differentiation.Drive west shallow language in the door beat a face.Although humiliating more is some.But the strength wants to be lightly up many.Woman land productivity spirit not equal to man of the inborn.But if be not done know by this where to drill out a ground of men stir up a box on the ear can badly now mess.Afraid is the whole faces all want to swell up.
    And, he worries to is a west, shallow language in the door is intentionally sought a muscle man to torment himself/herself.
    Say again, own face will be who can stir up.He is unqualified.
    The leaf autumn hands embrace a boxing and make it lively for ground to say:"Is so difficult to do.I want to stir up, you again would not like to."
    "You***BE who?Roll a part for me.I with what make you stir up?Are you what things?"Gratitude to leaf autumn but have no good will.
    Of so will fail is beaten by person face, mainly also is because of existence his.Didn't hear that the existence idea of this number person has no to have scruples about again in Hong Kong of scold to open.
    The autumn of the leaf insults and humiliates to ignore completely to the gratitude ground and by hand touched touch a nose way:"So, you are is that I humiliate you."
    Time of talking, the leaf autumn moved.
    In outsider's eyes, he just in brief stepped forward an one step.But don't know what is the row son, stand a while at the in front of gratitude.Want to know that the person is previous but separates the common run of people 45 distances.
    Certainly, the on-looker returns no one and discovers this problem.Their views all drive leaf autumn next action draw on.
    Stretch hand buttonned up gratitude ground neck.Still the full face was vacant don't respond from oneself the rapid attack that the gratitude that come over lifted.
    "Release me.Put-----Open me."The gratitude double feet leave kicking of ground the Teng wear, the voice breaks to continuously and continuously roar a way.More is flounder, the leaf autumn more uses strength son.In a short while effort, his face suppresses purple red.
    Leaf autumn one box on the ear stir up on the face of gratitude and say with a smile:"First time."
    The anti- hand is again the face that a box on the ear stirs up in the gratitude up, cold say with a smile:"This is the second time."
    Two box on the ears finish stiring up an autumn to have no to now stop to put a gratitude down.
    "I know that you hate me, affirmation will want to make reprisals.Have never related to wait you.Never make me disappoint.Front two box on the ears are to press for debt for the shallow language, other-----Even if is that I is humiliating you."The facial expressions of leaf autumns all had some Zheng Ning to distort.

  • come over hereDatum07.10.2022 17:16
    Thema von gdshutter im Forum Bewerbt euch für die G...

    The monk adds cloth to pull: when the Wei dragon drove parking lot the gratitude ground lungs all wanted to annoy to be deep-fried.
    "Thank an elder brother, I made an effort."The monk careful wing ground walks to the gratitude in front to say.
    "Roll.Really he mama's thing."The gratitude look in the eyes,such as knife, stares at him to say.Then walk to inside in the corner to start stiring to make a phone call.
    The west language in the door belongs to victor and got an everyone warm applause celebration naturally.
    A beautiful woman comes together together the Ji Ji Cha Cha ground chat, let a Mao car field of a lot of male domestic animals big satisfied love affairs
    However, their pouring is also tactful.No one dares to come forward to seduce to challenge.
    None of them is a simpleton, the getup from these and the cars opening can know these people's position.All of this kind of women are the Wen Gui that takes a sting, pick flowers but want to stab a hand.
    The full face of Lin Bao Er excitedly pulls the arm of west shallow language in the door and happily says:"Shallow language elder sister, you are too severe.You are my idol."
    West shallow language in the door drive treasure son so of words Kua the ground is very ashamed, say:"Treasure son don't say so.Just the opponent is too weak."
    "Be not.Even if to ascend that what car the king's pupil you will also win."Lin Bao Er affirms head in the location very much.
    Immediately after once the topic turn, Lin Bao Er says:"Shallow language elder sister, you and can that guy bet not in public stir up his two box on the earses?"
    "Yes."West shallow language in the door nods to say.Who let gratitude that bastard is greed, started to move rock to hit his/her own feet now.
    "Can you let my help stir up one box on the ear?"Lin Bao Er stares big eyes, the full face expectation ground looking at shallow language in the door of west.
    "Lin Bao Er, you roll for me to come over.Can this kind of matter also help?"Tang is indeed as expected in distress situation to this younger sister of he or she, hold her meat of the small face say.
    There was Tang Guo's helped to break siege, west shallow language in the door finally need not cope with Lin Bao Er this to let a people difficult problem.Be like want to avoid Lin Bao Er to entwine, she greatly treads to walk to the front of the gratitude ground and says with a smile:"How?Be getting more afraid?Hide in this corner don't dare into?If lose not to rise, don't wager."
    "Who lose not to have?Wish wager and then will concede defeat.Isn't two box on the ears?"The gratitude has guilty conscience a ground of cry way.
    "Like, not the Kui is Xie Jia Da Dun's young master.Since wish wager to concede defeat, that stands to come over.Trust, similar to three year agos, I can't show consideration."West shallow language in the door Be cold to say with a smile.
    The gratitude is stood where one face is difficult, plea for help ground the friends who change direction view after death, they all pretend don't see once turned view.
    Although the hard spirit said on the mouth, really need to stand to this woman's in front, be so been by her many people's noodles to stir up two box on the ears and also really make people hard to accept.
    See a gratitude stand with embarrassed look where, but would not like to move a son to come over here, west the door is shallow language taunt way:"How?Don't dare to come over?Is this it your wish wager that concede defeat?Is this your Xie Jia's style?Also make people disappoint too much."
    "Be.Winning will the other people carry out commitment and lost and then procrastinate to play to depend on.No wonder that Xie Jia Neng's lucky strike."Li Yin Don't mention it helps a chamber way.
    "You don't know?Is Xie Jia the way that is done business by this kind of to make money."
    Rather give offense to mean person, not good offense woman.Just this a few women all drive gratitude to once scold, the nature can't pass to fight his opportunity now.
    Just at this time, the cellular phone of leaf autumn rang.The call shows to is an unfamiliar number.
    Is a little bit hesitant, the leaf autumn still kept pressing to connect to listen to key.
    "Young master, the Rao gratitude gives Xie Jia some thin noodles once."A old voice spread to come over.
    The mind of leaf autumn is one earthquake, icily say:"I ain't what young master.I think that you mistook one for another."
    "I didn't mistake one for another.You are a young master."The old man's orotund very adherence.

  • have of advantageDatum07.10.2022 17:12
    Thema von gdshutter im Forum Bewerbt euch für die G...

    "Yes queen.Let Mr. Ye go.He should be quite good."He Xiao Wu also wears to advise a way for chamber.
    West shallow language in the door again once turned to see an eye a leaf the autumn asking a way:"Do you make sure that you go?"
    "Should be all right."The leaf autumn point nods.
    West shallow language in the door is also a simply temperament.The big step walks to the gratitude in front.Say:"I want to change a person."
    The gratitude overbearingly started to smile.Say:"Change.Change who to come up a line.Queen adult.Wait drive my box on the ear.Three year agos you give mine.I all return to you tonight.Who is the knowing him ?Car Wang Liu Yi Si uniquely closes the door pupil.I don't believe you can seek one to compare his speed to sooner come out in Hong Kong."
    West shallow language in the mind in the door is dark surprised.Unexpectedly this person's residue unexpectedly give° car Wang Liu Yi Si's pupil to please come.
    As long as is play a car.BE not likely to don't know Liu Yi Si's name.This yes next match field star with the most dazzling boundary.Those correct path match the car hand on the way lift shoe for him all unqualified.Liu Yi Si kept a China country for decade most express train soon of record.Up to now still no one can outstrip.It is said that he a list picks state Dennis Wang of Europe recently.Force his result even.
    "The autumn of the leaf.He is a car prince.Do you really win?Want to be not.I come."West shallow language mood in the door heavily walks to the leaf autumn in front.Say.
    "It doesn't matter."The autumn of the leaf claps her shoulder.The method in black pulls||2 walk over there.
    "Is you?"When Zhang Que was closing the eyes for a rest.Feel someone walk to his car window side.By accident opened eyes to see one eye.Eye pupil moment constringency.Eyes also Mi get up.
    "Ha ha.It is me.Long time no see.Unexpectedly you also come to Hong Kong"leaf the autumn smile to nod."Is the opponent you?"Zhang Que asks a way.This just the problem that he concerns most .
    "Yes.I am to rush through duck on-the-shelf."The autumn of the leaf nods."Do we run 1 again?"It Be getting more silent.Deeply exhale an one breath.Is like a pressures in the lung all vomit go to general."I didn't win your confidence.I admit defeat."Zhang Que says.
    "I admit defeat."Zhang Que opens a car door and walks to the gratitude in front to say.
    The gratitude is busy and west door shallow language He Xiao Wu beat oral communication lawsuit, the full face infatuates with ground to enjoy foolish meeting the son won behind how does oneself bully their pleasant sensations.After listenning to Zhang Que 's words, that smiling face moment that walked on air concretion.
    "What do you say?Say 1 time again?"The gratitude thinks that oneself listenned to wrong.How may he admit defeat?How can the pupil of car absolute being admit defeat?
    Zhang Que arrives at after Hong Kong and has already challenged 27 in a row.Hong Kong car absolute being before even connecting white the hair be also defeated by him.Oneself admires his car skill, so just comes forward to strike up a conversation on one's own initiative.Today also is to have the heart the face for coming to club to fall west shallow language in the door be in public stired up the absolute disgrace of box on the ear by him by reporting three year agos.
    The affair develops also challenge smoothly and a little bit, west shallow language in the door promised the proposal of his/her own Mao car.And still promised oneself to put forward various condition for coming.
    At this time when?Revenge of.
    Weather, land utilization and person and.Oneself has to to the utmost have of advantage, as long as Zhang Que defeats shallow language in the door of west this woman who dislike, oneself ability one before snow disgrace.
    Zhang Que suddenly comes to say that he admits defeat, this lets the gratitude basically can't accept.
    "I recognize."Piece:the ground facial expression is metal gray.The voice deeply says.Expensive is the car Wang Di's pupil.Even covet one day can be green to proceed from blue and better than and blue.But meet this to make him lack the ability to do a ground of opponent.This is that he uniquely chooses.
    He knows that this probably will become the ground in his life it's dirty.But again have a competition failure ground words.Will to his ground self-confident heart and achieve victory hearts will have severity ground stroke.He dare can also easily try.Is exactly him now growth ground key stage.
    "Probably.Wait until oneself to have enough:letter.Will come again to seek his challenge ground."Zhang Que in mind comforter oneself.
    "Why to admit defeat?With what admit defeat?Haven't compared?You how can anyone know will you lose?Zhang Que .Whether meet what problem?Does he threaten you?"The gratitude indignantly shouts.Point at a leaf to ask a way for autumn.

  • cloth masterDatum19.11.2021 12:14
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    "I am all right."The cloth master son rubs a bottom and calls a way:"Alas!, painful die I.This thing is too overbearing.Too violent in action."
    "Master son.You are all right?"The autumn of the leaf squats down down to start to hand cloth master son and concerns ground to ask a way."Have to harm where
    "Have no.Be drive current of air to hurtled for a while.Be subjected to a surprise.Sit to pour on the ground for a bottom."The cloth master son puts to say."Too violent in action.This ghost thing was too really a violent in action."
    "Is the master son a violent in action what things?"The autumn of the leaf is still interrogative that the ground asks a way and once turned round to see the ring that an eye is fostering calmness in the slot to lie.
    The nothing important changes.
    The cloth master son sits down on the sofa and says to the cloth cloth:"Lovely granddaughter prepares to descend supper?The grandpa is a bit hungry."The cloth cloth originally also wants to listen to is what is the row, but the grandpa rushes through a person, she also not say what.
    The station starts to say:"You chat.I cook a meal."
    "The autumn of the leaf, where does your boy exactly come to ground this thing?"The cloth master son stares at a leaf autumn to ask a way.
    "How?"The autumn of the leaf curiously asks a way.
    "It is very uncanny."Cloth master son the small voice say, the facial expression is dignified.
    "What mean?I ain't that understand."The autumn of the leaf certainly knows that it is very uncanny, but not the ability admits in the cloth master sub- in front.
    "I ring and recruit soul Fan to put together.Recruit the energy in the soul Fan unexpectedly drive it to absorbed clean.At last and unexpectedly take place to explode.Till this time.It just strained a turn of silver light and stopped an attack.Recruit soul Fan ground energy I know.At last and unexpectedly became a heap of blank sheet of paper.Press the truth to speak, two objects can touch with spiritual, can I but neglected a very important matter."
    Cloth master son simultaneously deliberate, part explanation way.
    This kind of thing too much Xuan, and before have no research data again can make reference to, he some things that can experience personally he to speak.
    "Neglect what matter?"
    "Recruiting the soul Fan is to work properly a thing not false, but it doesn't have attack ability.It needs Shi Fa's person to read voodoo to match with an use just effective.But your ring is different, it doesn't need person's ground to manipulate, itself has thinking and attack to gobble up ability."
    The cloth master son saw leaf's one eye for autumn and presented on the face one silk to uncannily smile an idea and say:"It is live."
    The autumn of the leaf follows again the cloth master's son looked into the data that the instrument ascends an automatic record to the laboratory, the energy of both side responded definite such as cloth master son talk, recruit the energy absorbability in the soul Fan of a do two clean.
    Certainly.This little bit even if doesn't see a leaf also know for autumn.Because he and the old headman have already tried in the grave field.If wear the ring annoys an important precincts place to the Yin, even can clearly feel that the thing goes toward to drill in the ring.Could not see, but really exist.
    Just they didn't use scientific instrument and had no cloth master son to affirm so that the profession is just.
    Is also say.It depends on gobbling up Fu to work properly to a gradual development.And oneself use each time and also use when it absorbed to enough work properly.
    Oneself is over there last time on use ring of Korean Human body that sort to admiration enjoyed, wasn't because the front of oneself for a while forgot to release the energy in the ring.Then wait until its ground the energy saturation is to the back of the certain degree, will take place quality to change?
    Or it at strongly at the same time, still is reforming own body.Can oneself also discover more secrets while using it?
    The autumn of the leaf really wants to seek personal experiment for a while and see other people to put on a ring will be what kind of feeling, can discover what things.
    But this thing also just wants.He doesn't dare to tell anyone.Even if is oneself to nearby become intimate with a ground of women, he doesn't dare as well to literally open mouth to tell them.Certainly, in addition to two Yas and Long Nyu these are two have been already understood of excepted.
    You want, if your woman knows that you have 1 to trail and discover the ring that she thoughts.No matter she thinks what you can know, whether a very terrible matter?
    "Grandpa, rice worked well.Have a meal."Fasten blank apron on the cloth cloth neck.Carry dish soup to get to dining table up.
    "Good.Have a meal."Cloth master the son stand up and act some dilatoriness.Obviously, just that falls off ground with head not light.

  • climb and drawDatum19.11.2021 12:09
    Thema von gdshutter im Forum Bewerbt euch für die G...

    After being happy in a short while, the cloth master son suddenly thought of to haven't come yet and do a record.
    Luckily these instruments can automatically keep a data.Pour also not afraid when the time comes all datas disappear, is precious this to it not easy of experiment to run to waste.
    Just at this time, the caution light started to be bright getting up on ground of instrument.
    "What is the row son?"The cloth master son ran over to look into and hadn't come yet and the close high pressure spirit Cang, the development slot that deposits to recruit soul Fan Mao ground a bombing open.
    The reason that hears cloth cloth brush-off, leaf autumn almost the break into laughter voice come.
    The grandpa is in the top can not, grandpa not at top all right?
    The autumn of the leaf says with a smile:"We are just chat.Is the grandpa afraid of in the top?He disallows us to talk, your true at enmity with did I talk?"
    "Have no."The body of cloth cloth still keeps tightly collapsing, two hands put on the thigh to rub, and the soft breasts rises and falls.A Qin person the You joss-stick send forth to open.The desire smelt inebriates.
    The autumn of the leaf originally has no the meaning of that aspect, but cloth cloth this desire refuses to still face of the attitude on the contrary let his index finger greatly move.A heat flows to go directly to pubic region.Then flow out to pass by to the dust root place.
    Although there is this kind of viewpoint, the body also had reaction, leaf autumn but know, this time is ability not is disorderly dynamic.The cloth master son is studying that ring in the top, slip away down lo lo towards ownly guarding against, perhaps and when secretly with him.
    If the time that is busy, he suddenly runs down, that oneself isn't just frightenned by him impotence?
    And, he still wants to consider for the cloth cloth.They ground first time** walk the ground isn't a moral path, is at very insecurity ground environment the bottom carry on, if again at this kind of environment come down with a run words, the whole process is all anxious, afraid cloth cloth hereafter all had**phobia.
    Doing the ground is love, but not only just for the sake of the need of solution body.
    None of 2 people talks, the atmosphere is some ambiguity.The autumn of the leaf can clearly hear cloth cloth nervous heart palpitates voice as the fawn, the breath also shows of rush.
    The autumn of the leaf conjectures cloth cloth some charmingly feminine Qiao faces, and see the nose wing of having the close sweat bead from the on the side, say with a smile:"BE just thinking what?"
    "Do not think what."Do not think what how can so nervous?I have no that kind of now viewpoint."The autumn of the leaf makes fun to say.
    "?I also have no."The cloth cloth is rattled.It originally is not either to easily feel ashamed a ground of female kid.Don't know what is the row son, while facing a leaf for autumn, always easy enter to back to lose according to, Be different from is a normal person.
    "Do you know what I am saying?"The autumn of the leaf squints Jing to smile.
    "I don't know."The cloth cloth hurriedly shakes head.
    The autumn of the leaf ha ha smile.Once stretched hand the shoulder of hugging the cloth cloth.The Wen Xiang nephrite goes into a bosom and even if no longer keeps on going deep into, is also a matter son that enjoys very much.
    Cloth cloth ground the body Be also slowly soft to come down, no longer be like before so stiff.Lie prone an autumn bosom at the leaf, also make no noise to talk.
    2 people are enjoying this rare of when the sweet is harmonious hear the explosion voice that the upstairs spread object.
    "Grandpa?"Cloth cloth the autumn bosom climb and draw slippers to run for the dynasty upstairs from the leaf a while.
    The autumn of the leaf also greatly treads to keep up with, if the cloth master son what trouble.He is also difficult to escape a relation.
    "Cloth master son-----Master son----"The autumn of the leaf shouted in the laboratory doorway two, no one talks.Leaf autumn one feet to Chuai in the door of laboratory is past.
    Unexpectedly and unexpectedly didn't kick away.The cloth master son knows that his experiment may have in danger and specially once reinforced to the door of laboratory.
    The autumn of the leaf claps head and how forget own special features.
    From the pocket in take out a thin needle object, go toward to lock one Tong in the bore, door lock the Mao Mao is a ring get up.The leaf autumn Ning opens the door to chase.Push door but go into.
    Foul air in the laboratory, in still fill the air a kind of Qiang person's ground weird smell.There is still a kind letting people's breath feel depressive oppression feeling.
    The autumn of the leaf immediately discovered a problem.Hurriedly ran over to close high pressure spirit Cang, open window, the air in the house this just resumed gradually as usual.

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