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Connecting down two section lessons to all have no a matter can do and then begin the data of collecting Smith's madam.Unfortunately he inquired a lot of teachers from the on the side, didn't get useful news.Start to ask full-time secretary Katharine of Smith's madam•The right bower is lousy, pour many male teachers to have impression to her.
Feng:"Sent to data to come over last time, saw one eye, grow quite good."
Remaining settles building:"Seeming hasn't got married, however the shape pours is hot tight."
Sung jade Hao:"I once saw three times and smelt, the perfume brand that she usually uses is called chanel."
Six truly reach:"Her electronics mailbox the address is 200795@ kai yahoos.Com.However she has never written a letter for me."
Calculate, ask this to help a discard to still seek not as in person as oneself to get quick.Liao learns a soldier depressed didn't also think how a good method approach that British girl for a long time.Time had been wasting time till class is over, public take out in succession from take of lunch box, each other show meal that compare oneself's take have much delicious.Have of leave home nearer teachers all returned to, inside in office left ten many individuals and floated to spread a heavy aroma and mixed up with the flavor of the tripe cow bowel, green vegetables bean curd and sea shrimp fresh-water fish, if the Yuan becomes the kitchen of fast food shop.
The Feng starts to clip ridge in a piece of Mao, 3 two people the deglutition belly go, unclear not and purely say:"Little Liao, the wife cooked a meal for me today, didn't accompany you to a restaurant."
"Beware of the wife descended to you mouse medicine!"Liao learns a soldier dark scold severals, direction in the dynasty restaurant walks.
Two years two classes of informers spread densely, he just office, Cui government, the persons like tiger,etc have already received news:"Teacher the dynasty second floor the restaurant went to and asked each section to notice a match."
Person in the restaurant of the second floor is few, clean and neat clean, the environment grace is quite, can see Yu Yu very green small forest through the window outside.Only 2310 teacher students spread out on the seat to have lunch.Liao's learning a soldier has never the habit of breakfast and feel hungry at this time the ex- heart carry on the back after sticking and ordered two rices and cheapest bean curd mushroom soup, stir-fry vegetable sponge and stir-fry rape, chose the seat that depends a window to sit down.
He twists a head to hope to go, Su ice cloud holds a meal to stand by he or she the smiling face can kiss, the favour says:"Sit together?"Liao learns a soldier the image at this time want to be much difficult to see have much difficult see, two feet take off shoe, an among those take on the chair, it is hot to have a meal slightly feeling, opened all of the blouse buttons, ate too urgently, lips side the face is stained with full vegetables juice and grain of cooked rice.
"H'm, okay, at the right moment discuss a big match of the whole city senior high school student art to take part in a game the business of item with you."Su ice cloud the style style sit down in front of him, immediately the joss-stick breeze inherits noodles, Liao learns a soldier for of a Zhi.According to this angle, he as long as a little bit head the round and smooth thigh that is a little bit lower and then can see big beauty of Su.
Talk an art big match?This root is the outcome that he invents, if makes the another teacher hear that returned?Having to make a pretense of a milli- is inattentive, cold say:"Is ashamed, I never discuss a work in the coffee break."
", Is really sorry.I originally wanted to ask you to have to the art what viewpoint."Su ice cloud starts to eat thing to come to light purse one's lips lips and looking at is really captivating to the pole.
Liao learns a soldier displeased and matchless, very not say that kind of words, otherwise can climb to open a topic with beauty.He feel keenly oneself to be not good at to make contact with with woman, lower the head fierce a burst of clip vegetables to pick rice.Is empty two the vegetableses are one soup, whole is plain, contrast many meat of ice cloud plate inside of Su, 56 kinds of foods are really wretchedness.
Su ice cloud sees he eat mutually ugly, the grain of cooked rice falls thick and fasts, juice water four splash, the 23 times eats one of the things in the plate naked, also stretch out the tongue licks around on the empty plate, not from greatly knit the brows, dark Cun:"This person isn't hungry how many days?"
2 people are just opposite and silent, suddenly a girl calls a way:"Teacher Liao, originally here, you seek you for a long time."Turning a face to hope to go is student, Wu Chun Xing, in the class to stand to wave hand at he or she from dynasty in doorway, Liao learns a soldier to order, inwardly satisfied, surprisingly oneself is also rather very popular, arrive where all someone receive.This Wu spring almond the shape is common, the shape is general, don't talk very much in the class at ordinary times, the other people ask her what she answers what, it is little to get in touch with time, old Liao didn't in time go thorough understand as well.
Wu Chun Xing walks to him to nearby say:"Teacher, are you full?Do we leave quickly?"
"Walk?Go where?At noon don't lunch break?"Liao's learning a soldier could not touch head, his remembering has never promised her what affair of.
Wu Chun Xing's low voice says:"Teacher not is say to take me to go to the room checks for me bodily?"The orotund strength at the right moment can let Su ice cloud can hear, two of her eyebrows right away Shu get up.To a youth young girl"check body", speech phrase it ambiguity?Wu Chun Xing is again that that kind of is tiny to take awkward and shy, the facial expression of muddled ignorance, let people a listen to meeting think toward slanting place.
Liao learns a soldier to frightened to disgrace:"Feed, play trick to also want to see situation of ah, have I ever when once said this kind of words?"
"That I go first to wait you good."Wu Chun Xing didn't waits he to distinguish to confront and then leave.
This ……what does this calculate?He again not concerned image, also know that this kind of words sprinkle dirty serious degree to oneself, dynasty gradually far go to of figure call several voice, but Wu Chun Xing more run more quick, turning an eye the disappearance is in the stairs.I have no enemy without the hatred with you, how do you run to say this kind of puzzling words with me without basis!
"Teacher Liao, it are this kind of person to really have never thought you!"Su ice cloud face is black like pot bottom, see contain toward satisfied his look in the eyes despise with disdain.
"Is alas, teacher Su, be not you think of so."Liao learns a soldier self-effacing sit to pour.
"Hum, sit at the same table with your this kind of person to have a meal, is really humiliation."Su ice cloud throws down chopsticks, the Ning body leaves, and leaves all over the face startled old Liao.Other several teachers who together has a meal in the restaurant saw 2 people originally still be talking to smile, suddenly the Su big beauty left in peevish anger, many people all gloated over the disaster of others.
Does Wu Chun Xing how can and without cause run?Might it not be deliver nerve?I the top lead three section lessons, the name that know her, haven't said a words with her!Might it not be is that to help a blamed student intentionally whole I?Why can choose or not so much, it happened that pick to play this cheap trick while having a meal with beauty?
Liao learns a soldier to feel the intelligence quotient being seriously challenged.Is strong the ground doing dispassion to finish eating meal and come outside:"Now that your Wu Chun Xing want to check body, that uncle's true check your body."Can Wu Chun Xing's slipping away early must disappear shadow and make he the viewpoint of the coprology young girl announce a bankruptcy.
Don't dare any further the gist, the bitterness has no a good plan this isn't bad to annoy, also do know Su ice cloud that aspect will to other people how spread their own glorious record of eventses, annoy Fen Fen to return to dormitory to lie down and then sleep.
Have already notified till afternoon section 3 lesson all form masters arrive board room to hold a meeting.Is or so without the matter, wait person to surmise with Feng why carry to want a conference so much.The Feng always likes to go toward the best direction to the affair and think:"Probably the board of directors feels we do form master of too tired, want to raise salary."

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