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Liao learns a soldier to intentionally pack a distress appearance, dissimulation way:"Have no, nothing important, just tripped and fell down, Be free, you go first to see your cousin."
"Okay, the teacher sees again, I come back right away."Because prepare to think elder brother Dao waits outside the school to prepare to give him a precept, so the attitude of clock Bai is friendly.
The air that sees clock Bai, Liao learns a soldier to know he or she's drama plays quite goodly, must do it slowly to have fun for boy with this.
The clock Bai flees with the power of the extremely sudden and swift thief bell outside of school, he a see hide at the back of the big tree of knife etc. person, then the no time for waiting ground says:"Elder brother Dao gets ready?There was still one section lesson to release from school, my pointing to let you see is which when the time comes."
The knife have agreeable hair and big-heartedly say with smile:"Trust, I have already fixed for you."
"Can't?Is so quick?"The clock is 101 belly questions, need to be thought of old Liao jet black rim of eye, again suddenly realize way:"Did you just have already beaten him up?"
The knife is also generally puzzling, however he misses elder brother Bing to act as a matchmaker from solve, that is definitely wrong not, then follow a tone way:"Yes and yes, already malicious fix him.Assurance gave vent to anger for you."
The clock Bai feels Xuan more:"That are you how to recognize our form masters?"
"This ……" the knife have to keep on chasing a lies plait:"Just there was individual secretive at here of, we ask him to recognize not to recognize are two classes of form masters for two years, he says my that right, then we began."
"!"No wonder that is the whole body image of teacher Liao distress, be beaten, thoughted of here, the clock Bai feels very great very satisfactory and says with smile:"Elder brother Dao thanked you.Yi how has so many bloods?, Did that person get hurt and have to be unimportant?"
"Useless talk, he plays knife by himself Tong carelessly he's one knife.Take money to come to have no?" The knife describe with a delicate touch ground to cover up to ownly defeat as far as possible.
"Go fetch, 1,000 piece, calculate to show filial obedience elder brother Dao, you drink in the evening of number."The clock Bai orders 1,000 pieces of try to please ground to looking at him.
"Just 1,000 piece?Does your his mama takes me for beggar to beat hair?" Knife leaving no chance to explain the Tao touch his pocket and leave of several hundreds of small change also all Chuai enter oneself pocket inside.
"Elder brother Dao?"The clock Bai doesn't dare to resist and allows him to accept purse to walk.
"Mama of, hit persons for you just 1,000 piece?You also how quick does need not brain want the price hike in nowadays?Just eats pork for Lao Tze a week, aware of self a point, took out your other things all, the key, condom stayed by himself/herself, need not took, and I wanted ~only worth money thing." The knife learn Liao to learn a soldier to sack he an empty, way:"Stay three dollar air condition bus carfares, you return to."
The clock Bai desire cries to have no tears:"I half month of pin money which, there is also the cellular phone of that latest style ……"
Section 3 lesson time shalls arrive soon, Liao learns a soldier to follow many form masters to rush through board room to hold a meeting.
Betwixt that most luxurious mansion, follow elevator, don't discover Chiu big strange also at in.The 2 people vision collides a spark of vehemence towards seeing a short moment, .
Liao learns soldier's heart to living a to account, soft-voiced way:"Chiu's director, I have never thought you so vicious, cheat me to the outside of school, make the small bludger beat me.You exactly have to me what great enmity, be partial to living to want like this whole I?"At this time elevator inside two of him there are also Feng and Sung jade Hao, besides which, , the everyone listens to clearly, facial expression all for of a change.
Chiu is big strange to see his bluish swelling on skin eyes, startled way:"That helps small bludger ……" he definite Leng for a while, what to mean to say BE:"That helps small bludger isn't that do you call to come?"But the words have never finished saying and then been learned a soldier by Liao to interrupt:"Yes, you call small bludger to beat me, have never thought the Chiu director pull with underworld last relation.Offered suggestion to enter my lane with president for two years last time 2 classes is to intentionally aim at mine?"
The dialogue and expression action that passes 2 people, Feng and Sung jade Hao is without previous arrangement all foolish to live, start to turn over a wave in the heart:"Surprisingly Chiu's director's returning is really cruel."
"You, you don't want ……"
Liao learns a soldier to again cut off his words:"BE, right, you make me don't want to rob your director's throne, but I just go to school have no how many days, don't relate to and have no resume, I have to you what threaten?"
What Chiu great fantasy says is:"You don't want to make unfounded attack upon person."Can words said the half sentence is interrupted, drive the opponent lead other aspects go, how don't make him depressed to become wildly?
"You ……"
Just the elevator door opened at this time, Liao learns a soldier to say:"Chiu's director, I ask myself the place that didn't let you down, you make people beat me today, on the second day protect to prohibit will buy a murder person, kill a colleague to kill a president!"
Chiu of"you …… you ……" is big strange to point at his spirit could not say words.
But Liao's learning a soldier has already walked with another colleague far.
The school holds a general assembly to make collective report result monthly, in addition to common teacher, section minister, cent department chief, grade director, form master, teach to grind a set of senior clerks have to take part in.Chiu is big strange to is the Office of the Dean of Students director who teaches subordinate, certainly entitle to take part in.
The board room area is very big, cast shadow to hold, platform, large round tables all have already set out appropriate.The card of the big oval table of the center writes each section representative director and the board of directors member's name, obviously only they the just pregnant sit over there, the rest has no name to list of infinite novel net complete works novel download, can sit on the surrounding by the wall common chair.
Liao learns soldier et al come still early, the board room inside is very empty, only a few assistants are adjusting microphone quality.He literally sought a chair to sit down, looking at central round table and sighed a way along with the Feng:"Do I when also entitle to sit over there?"
The Feng secretly pulled to pull him:"Talk to notice situation, have recording to record image an equipments here, wait descend not be being confused to speak, being otherwise hearding by the board of directors and then dooming.The person of board of directors is very gloomy."
"That is all right, " Liao learns a soldier Pie Pie mouth:"I attend lecture not to talk."
In a short moment, people file in and go into, other one greater half the person is incognizant, also ashamed say "hello", oneself makes a pretense of to at leisurely looking at top in school monthly bulletin form.Not the Kui is a private school, the item style writes very clearly, like company the system is general.
The board of directors is six people, comes to two people just now, in addition to Smith's madam, there is also a bald-headed man, it is said that that he has already controled as well.
Window pass good, turn on light, declare a meeting beginning, Smith madam the always simple and direct style does she report, talk Jian Yi Hai, "the label entered school a rate to have a fall than the last year same period at the student of this semester, according to the analysis survey of our board of directors, because the reason of the Gao Kao result slump."
"We before have already opened a short meeting, unanimously agree to draw up a task for each form master, fight for in this semester inside raise the student's result.If this class of result raises, form master can will also reward, the result descends, we will decide to dismiss or continue in office by voting.Moreover according to each result with original class, we draw up a set of target that is each to have a different task."
Smith's madam swept one eye on all sides, idea consult, in fact allow of no objection:"This semester the task of midterm is, each seven categories to class student always divides average cent, is 1 class for a year, 540 cents, is 2 classes for a year, 520 cents ……" soon read Liao and learn the class of the soldier, have intention to not intentional dynasty he saw one eye:"Are two classes of for two years, 420 cents."

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